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The Dead-Simple Blueprint Used By The Ultra Rich To Win Back Their Lives, Generate More Profit, & Finally Reach Their Biggest Goals In Record Time

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What you’re about to discover has nothing to do with sales or marketing. But it will give you more profit and free time than any “advertising trick” ever could. This is the exact Blueprint a few elite CEOs and the Ultra Rich have applied in their lives to reach ridiculous levels of productivity without working more.

For only measly bucks, you can finally design your life for maximum wealth and joy — or I’ll give you double your money back.

No matter where you are, you can do more, be more,and achieve more. You do not need more effort, time,and energy to experience a massive increase in all areas of your life.

The Leverage Blueprint will give you a secret that has worked for thousands of years, changed millions of lives, and is still doing great things in both the physical and spiritual world.

Have you ever wondered why some people appear to be having massive success in all they do while many people keep struggling?
Does it trouble your mind why you exert a lot of energy, sweat, and effort, yet your results are dismal?
Do you desire to put in less time, effort, and energy and archive immense success?

If your answer is a loud “YES,” then Leverage Blueprint is for you.

Ever Look At Successful People And Ask Yourself “How Do They Make It Look So Easy?!”

Leverage Blueprint!

You will discover from the Leverage Blueprint 14 Proven Ways to Leverage Yourself to Success in every area of your life. The secret of leveraging that you will discover in this book has been mastered and deployed by those who have achieved great success both historically and in our times.

Some of what you will discover from the Leverage Blueprint are:

The 4 perceived BLOCKS people thinks are holding them back - you may be suffering from one of these without knowing. pg32
What is the secret of high productive people? Here is how they achieve more in minimum time. Pg37

Do you want to move faster, more securely, and confidently? Checkout 4 life changing insights - experience BREAKTHROUGH you've always wanted.  pg 84

You are sinking and you don't know it. Find out how? See what to do immediately pg 66

Most people get this wrong - If you still doubt if it is a good idea to start small, consider the following verse pg24

Here's how to experience geometric growth and exponential increase while working less. The only way you can multiply your time.. pg 112
Learn the simple reason why ‘The first’ place to start if you want to leverage other people and experience the supernatural success is by being comfortable with who you are. pg 15

6 ways to leverage others people's money pg 102

What is the problem that you are facing right now? What is the lack in your life? Are you being threatened by debt, sickness, lack, opposition, failure, depression, anxiety, fear, doubt? Discover how a poor widow in debt experienced a supernatural increase.  Pg 9

Do you still doubt yourself and your God-given abilities? You must read this story First.  Pg18

Do you think the color of your skin is a limiting factor? Quit that thought. Learn how to leverage that starting today. Pg41
Why will cream always rise to the top? One obvious truth you need to understand. It will make way for you. pg 17

Many people are missing out because they are looking for the right conditions. There is no such thing as the right condition or environment to use your gift. 25

Do you know you can get 10 years of experience in 5 minutes and enjoy great success faster than you can imagine? Start leveraging this fast! pg 89
How to leverage other people’s knowledge like SUPER achievers. Pg54
The simple exercise of starting your day focusing on the good things in your life and ending the day, in the same way, will fundamentally transform your life for the better. pg 52

Do you think you have money problem? Are you waiting for the right amount of money before you can launch that business? You must read Legson Kayira's story now. See pg 36

How to leverage technology like the top PERFORMERS – don’t get passed by. See pg 144
Do you think you are being held back because you are not famous? Truth is nobody started that way. Do what they did to be famous and you will too. See page 42/43

Here is easiest, fastest way to enjoy astronomical growth - no matter your profession - ignore these at your own peril pg67
If you want to achieve massive success start leveraging other people's skills now. See page 131

Leverage Blueprint is NOT Designed To Make You As Rich Or Happy As Your Friends Pretend To Be On Social Media

If you’re looking to “one up” your network on social media, or if you’re trying to be as rich as your neighbor…
Then I suggest you do not buy this book. Leverage Blueprint will not help you be better than anybody else or “acquire more” than they have.

Leverage Blueprint is designed to help you reach YOUR goals, no one else’s.

This is not a popular methodology, which is why it’s not a NY Times bestseller.

You won’t find your peers talking about this anytime soon. It will never become the “latest trend” talked about by the masses. Leverage Blueprint will not go viral on social media.


This Blueprint is quietly being used by people who have achieved top 5% levels of fame, fortune, and freedom. You’ll never hear them talk about it because they’re too busy generating profits and enjoying their lives.

Today, you can get access to the same blueprint they’ve been using all along.

Without a doubt, this will create more personal abundance for yourself than anything else you’ve tried. You can get started for just $14.95 today.


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I Felt like it's about me

I read this book which is called leverage blueprint that he wrote  after reading this book, I called the person that gave me this book I was like I just fell like he was writing about me, you know it's like have marks all over the book. 

Ezioma Anosike


I am so excited

You are the sum total of leverage in your life, in anything, in business, career, in relationships,  because no man is an island. God has not given every body - no matter how talented, everything, so to maximize your potential, to maximize your income, to maximize your opportunities, you need to know how to leverage and all around you, God has position you for different levels of leverage in every area. And that's why I am so excited about your book because your book actually takes every area of leverage possible and discusses it.
so anybody who is thinking is limited right now is a result of not leveraging yourself there are so many chapters on different ways you can leverage, some more esoteric  than the others, but you can see at least 4 or 5 that you can start leveraging tomorrow
ead th

Dr ope banwo

Wealth Apostle

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