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About Emmanuel Adegbola

Success Coach, Forex & Crypto Trader,

Digital Marketing Consultant & Minister of the Gospel

Emmanuel Adegbola’s name is synonymous with “Success” online. He is recognized as one of the world’s leading Internet Marketers and Business Optimization Strategists.

Emmanuel wears several hats when it comes to online business. Not only is he the CEO of Hidden Riches LLC and CryptoMatic Solutions, Inc, he is also the mastermind behind so many money-making systems online.

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What Our Customers Have to Say

  • Fermin, Housting Tx Fermin, Housting Tx
    Emmanuel Adegbola is more than an online coach, he is a friend, a mentor and someone that believes in others. Emmanuel sees what you don't even see in yourself. Thanks Emmanuel for the push you gave to me.
  • Femi Ojo, Uk Femi Ojo, Uk
    I have been following Emmanuel Adegbola for a while and I'm honor to call him a friend and a mentor. Emmanuel challenged me to where I am online today. Thanks Emmanuel.
  • Katrina, Germany Katrina, Germany
    I suffered online for 6 years before I mistakenly stumbled on one of Emmanuel's videos on YouTube, I was skeptical but I gave him a try and the best is just a blast. Emmanuel is more than a mentor to me, he is even more than a friend. Thanks E.
  • Tracy, Miami, fl Tracy, Miami, fl
    With the help and mentoring of Emmanuel, I was able to quit my job 4 months ago and now enjoying the DOTCOM lifestyle I'd always dreams of.... I dedicate my success online to you Emmanuel Adegbola. Thanks so much for giving me back my life.


Crypto Forex Institute (CFI) is a community for people wanting to develop skills that can help them thrive in today’s economy and also build a global business at the same time. We focus on practical skills to help you generate income, build a legit home based business, and invest your profits.

We offer online courses, one-on-one and group mentoring, and a community for people committed to developing valuable skills. Our online courses are designed and taught by leading mentors actively working in their field. Instead of only teaching boring theory, we teach through real-life examples, case studies, and exercises to help you practice and develop skill sets that will serve you for life.

Our Trainees have the opportunity to get feedback and investments from angel investors and also leverage with experience of other Trainees and their Mentors.

The economy is quickly changing. Our mission is to help people thrive by learning skills that are effective and in-demand.

We Provide All the Tools and Education You Need to Build Wealth and New Skills in Today’s Global Economy. . . . .


This is an Affiliate Team Building System that anyone can use to build any network or affiliate program. It’s a FREE marketing system loaded with cutting-edge training on team building, crypto currencies, network marketing, email marketing, etc

The economy is quickly changing. Our mission is to help people thrive by learning skills that are effective and in-demand.

We Provide All the Tools and Education You Need to Build Wealth and New Skills in Today’s Global Economy.


Crypto Wealth Alliance (C W A) easily connects you with total strangers that send you Bitcoin as gifts daily without any string attached and the strangers will even thank you for accepting their gifts.

If this sounds too good to be true for you then this is possibly not for you. Crypto Wealth Alliance (CWA) is for people who believe that abundance, prosperity and wealth are for all of us.


The New Revolutionary Easy Forex Color Coded Trend Trading Mechanical System siphons 1,342 pips in 21 days from Forex market.

It Works with ANY Time Frame, Currency Pair or Any Financial Instrument As Long As it’s on MT4 Platform.

It’s a brand new Forex indicator that is based on scientific and more importantly more proven trading Algorithm I’ve traded for over 10 years.

My goal is to help traders (or prospective Trader) like you make reliable profit in such a way that it is consistent over the long run and easy even for Forex Beginners.

With TraderMatic, you will always know with a lot of confidence…...When Exactly To Open And Close Your Trades To Make The Biggest Possible Profit From Almost Every Price Movement!


Making money in Forex is now easier than you could imagine. Making money in Forex doesn’t have to be complicated.

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Emmanuel Adegbola is the Senior Pastor of The Redeemed Christian Church of God, Abundant Grace Embassy, in Balch Springs, Texas USA.

RCCG – Abundant Grace Embassy is a church established by God and it is a place where the children of God gathered to worship Him in the beauty of His holiness. Come and be part of a happy people.

At Abundant Grace Embassy, we teach Biblical truths by the help of the Holy Spirit, people are set free when they know the truth (John 8:32). We are inviting you to come and worship with us to equip yourself with truths of God that will set you free.

Should you find yourself in our neighborhood, we would be glad to have you worship with us.


“If Your WHY is BIG Enough, HOW Becomes Easy”