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About Emmanuel Adegbola

Success Coach, Forex & Crypto Trader, Digital Marketing Consultant & Minister of the Gospel.

Emmanuel Adegbola’s name is synonymous with “Success” online. He is recognized as one of the world’s leading Internet Marketers and Business Optimization Strategists.

Emmanuel wears several hats when it comes to online business. Not only is he the CEO of Hidden Riches LLC and CryptoMatic Solutions, Inc, he is also the mastermind behind so many money-making systems online.

Emmanuel is a caring and loving husband, a Success Coach, an Author, Facilitator, a Minister of the Gospel, a Certified Holistic Marketer and a Certified Law of Attraction Wealth Practitioner.


Emmanuel is a full time Forex and Crypto currencies Trader. He has impacted thousands around the globe with his wealth of knowledge. He is popularly called by his Students as “The Forex Apostle”.

He is also considered one of today’s top authorities and thought leaders on creating rapid wealth using the internet. Emmanuel believes that “Creating wealth is not just in what you do – – it’s in how you do it.”

Emmanuel firmly believes that every one of us not only has the right to enjoy more of what we want in life, but that we also have the ability now to make it happen by discovering the hidden riches that are available both offline and online.

Emmanuel is constantly drawing from a deep well of personal experience when it comes to shaping his visions into concrete plans of action. Working from a background of frustration, failure and online struggling, he has since built a tidy empire of companies, programs, products and practices that have brought him enormous success, and he now tirelessly works to bring what he has learned to companies and people around the world.

After starting with nothing, Emmanuel understands that we all have an inborn gift to create wealth and that we just need to know how to “discover it, harness it and unleash it.” Anyone can be rich leveraging with power of internet.


Emmanuel is committed to creating possibilities for himself and for others, and it is this commitment that has taken him around the world via internet to reach audiences that cannot come to him.

He serves as a keynote speaker at events across the globe.

His dynamic speaking style is a welcome breath of fresh air to the participants at the seminars and events Emmanuel Adegbola addresses, and he is always direct, straight to the point, and no-nonsense.

His instruction is based on time-tested, proven, solid techniques coupled with his motivational, humorous and down-to-earth method of delivery. Whether he is speaking to one-on-one or speaking to a room of thousands, Emmanuel intuitively knows how to reach each person he comes in contact with and help them to tap into the ideas, strategies and knowledge they need to reach success in their business and personal lives.

Emmanuel’s many clients span a broad spectrum of business models. Whether he is coaching a corporate client or training a first-time Internet entrepreneur, Emmanuel is instinctively capable of devoting his efforts to design an optimized strategy that will chart a path to success.

For thousands of people all over the world seeking success online, Emmanuel has been the answer. He will be your answer too when it comes to unleashing your own personal power to create wealth online.

Emmanuel Adegbola believes that there are many “Hidden Riches” yet to be discovered in the secret places online, in fact, that was where he got the motivation of naming one of his companies – Hidden Riches, LLC and he is ready to share his discoveries with as many people who cross his path and are ready to take inspired actions to change the quality of their life.

Emmanuel will work together with you  in and on your business to optimize it for next level and even if you don’t have any ongoing profitable online business currently, he will help you to get one started and begin to enjoy this DOTCOM lifestyle that millions around the globe are already enjoying.

“If Your WHY is BIG Enough, HOW Becomes Easy”

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