Now we started looking into 12 technical indicators on your mt4 platform that you need to start avoiding while trading Forex market. And of course we’ve talked about one, two, three, four and this is number five. Okay, out of these 12 indicators.

Now what we are going to talk about today I know will shock so many people. I know it will surprise you and I know it with attract so many critics, but the fact remains that this indicator we’re going to be talking today as in usage since 1900’s. Say 1920’s, 1940’s. And remember I what we said initially. So as we establish the fact that ok if you want to buy a TV, will you buy this TV Okay, this wall or you will buy this one. I bet you would prefer this one over this.

The same thing. You would prefer this. Okay. If you want to buy a cell phone you would prefer this cell phone. Okay. Over this, because you can do a lot with this. This is middle of modern technology compared to the old one, even though they do the same thing. Then also if you want to travel by train, I bet you will not go by this. Instead you will prefer this. So the same thing we’re talking about technology or technology and new technology. Most of these indicators that we use in Forex, they were actually create that for stocks, not for forex. You know, remember that most of these indicators were created when know Facebook there was nothing like amazon, Tesla etc. There was nothing like artificial intelligence that we use today. One of them is Japanese candlesticks.

I’m somebody who said yes, why would you be using Japanese candlestick when this was not actually created for forex in the first place. And especially if you are a beginner, if you are new into forex. There are so, so many things to deal with. So many structures, so many pattern, etc that you need to understand. I mean, I was confused initially as a new trader. I mean as a new trader, you know, get this started in Forex is to be very, very confusing learning all these structures. And when you look at Japanese candlestick, the noise is just too much.

The noise is too much. Take a look at this chart. This is USD/TRY. Why even do the trend was okay, the trend is hot. I’m, yes, you can see right now the trend is awkward. You can see this retracement. This is, I have time for you to go to lower timeframe. Like five minutes. You will see a lot of noise, a lot of noise. So that is why I don’t use regular candlestick. Take a look at this. I mean am a visual person. So I love looking. I love looking at the chart and just decide what to do. Not, I will be looking for one structural, I’ll lose structure. The structure that I don’t, I don’t do that. And if you are new into forex I would expect you to learn in a better way. Liquor charts. Regular charts is good.

Don’t, I mean, I don’t, I don’t dispute that. Price action is good. After all, what matters most when it comes to Forex is price is price action. But the way the gurus are just too complex, you have to start structure. Take a look at this chart. This is USD/TRY, take a look at USD/TRY also here. Which one would you prefer Which one is very attractive Which one is very easy for you to trade.

This is my own personal system – tradermatic. Okay. I now get to here as it getting, yeah. If I see this wrong as it, I can go back and, you know, and so on and so forth. It is very easy, very, very easy. If I go even to the lower timeframe, also, I don’t need to crack my brain before I know what to do.

Take a look at this. Okay I enter here. I’ll put my stop loss over there and I ride the trend. Very, very easy I don’t need to start cracking my brain. You don’t need to worry about upper-edge and other terms like that. It is after they are formed that you know. But looking at your chart using modern technology. Okay. More than technology – completed with modern algorithm.

That is what we are talking about. Not trying to be using old school. This was created to trade their rice, to trades Japanese product then not Forex. I know it will take you to have an open mind for you to accept most of the things that I’m sharing in this video. But the question that we ask you, if you refuse to take that new, you know idea, to be open minded towards what I’m sharing, what you have been using how has that work for you. Where has that gotten you, how much do you have in your bank account? How many accounts have your burnt.

Listen to me guys. I’ve been trading Forex for over 10 years now. I started trading Forex 2006 I burnt out my first six accounts. Okay. Listening to all the gurus on task, you know, learning by myself, and of course I hire myself a coach that finally opened my eyes to the truth, of course you shall know the truth and the truth we sent two free. I hope you will take the truth and You can handle it.

Okay, my friend, once again, I want to say thank you for watching this video and if you have not subscribed to this channel, go ahead. Hit the button below. Subscribe, like this video, share to your Facebook profile and leave a comment if you disagree with me, but leave your view below, be positive, no negativity.. You are free to disagree with me after this is a free information. Thank you so much. Will see you tomorrow.