In this video, we are going to be looking into fundrise annual returns  I mean what should be your expectations when it comes to fundrise real estate investing. I mean investing into fundrise and we are talking about the real estate investment you know by now that there is money, real money in real estate. Many people have been asking me, okay the forex apostle are you a real estate agent right now or realtor?

I am none of those. Okay, I’m just an investor and as you know the name of my company is hiddenriches llc and what we specialize on is looking into with scouting around for hidden riches both online and offline. I will expose them to you. So I just major in forex trading. But then, when you make money in forex how do you diversify that? how do you diversify your income? how do you protect your asset?

Now we’ll be talking about inflation, up high inflation how do you protect your asset, that money you are making right now, how do you protect it if you are making one thousand dollars per month what one thousand dollars can buy right now having in the next three four years even possibly two thousand might not be able to buy, so instead of you keeping that money in your bank account why don’t you invest it so that is what we’re talking about when we discuss personal finance and you know how do you invest your money and so on and so forth but of course i cannot tell you what to do with your money but i’m just showing you what i’m doing that is working for me

Hi, my name is Emmanuel Adegbola, a.k.a the forex apostle, in this video we’re going to be continuing the fundrise reviews talking about the annual returns that you should expect from fundrise if you invest and i’ll be taking you into my portfolio. I just started the fundrise investing two months ago actually, but there have been so much I mean a lot of questions how can I get started? How do i get started and so on and so forth? How much can I make if I invest 10 dollars? And by the way if you’re watching this video you know I think about last two three weeks I created a video on how to start real estate investing starting with ten dollars. Click here to watch the video.

If you type on google, fundrise annual returns there are different people that posted different returns they get and they’re based on, of course what is going on in the market but I hope you know like this is not like the kind of return you should expect if you invested into cryptos. You can buy cryptocurrency and within I mean, overnight you can get like 100 percent return you can get 62 percent return but then also can just go to zero dollars you know. So like what I said in the previous video of this series I said we have three categories of investing okay there are there’s there are some investing that are short-term, okay short-term there are some that are medium and there are some that are long-term.

So it’s just like a farmer a farmer plants tomatoes, plant cocoa, and iroko tree. You know, so if you plant tomatoes I mean you are having that with them three months, if you plant corn you harvest that within four to six months but if you plant something like cocoa tree, iroko tree or palm tree you know that is a long-term harvesting and that is where real estate investing fall into. So if you want to buy premium homes, okay you want to buy premium homes and I’m talking about homes like uh i’m talking about homes like this okay I’m talking about homes like these:

These premiums homes, you know, you want to invest into apartments building like this you are looking to 3.862 million dollars. If you want to buy, I mean taking a look at them I have a partner like this is 25 million dollars okay so I mean for you to buy that definitely you need a lot of money to pull down. So now, how can you begin to invest into real estate even without need of capital, and that is when we’re talking about fundrise. There are a lot of them but this is the one am using and that is why revealed this to you so when you go online and look for annual returns on fundrise you will see this one is between eight point seven six percent to twelve point four two percent.

As I said it might not be huge returns, I mean i make this in forex within a month so but then it’s not all about forex forex forex the money I make from forex I diversified into other assets. If you go to the average right there so you can see it’s a 10.11 if you go also to listen money matters talks about 12 or 14 but this depends on the year okay this depends on the year and it depends on how much you put and what also is going on uh in the market.

So you can just scan through like that you see different different return but i’m going to take you to my my portfolio as I said I started just two months ago and right now I invest 1 000 dollars every month that is that is my goal, the goal is to increase it to five thousand and of course eventually increase it to like ten thousand dollars per month. So that is my goal at least if I could be investing let’s say ten thousand dollars every month okay for one year that would be 120 000 that is my goal okay that is my goal.

So in 10 years okay, in 10 years the goal is to have at least one million dollars in this platform so that one million dollars in 10 years i can now you know cash up and what diversify this and spread to different assets of my home right now. I am doing a lot of things. I don’t have time to be scouting around looking for properties even though I do real estate investing talking about the wholeselling aspect but then I don’t have time to be you know chasing tenants around, do this do that, I mean it’s a lot of work it’s a lot of work so this is how you can make your money work for you.

You might not have ten thousand dollars, you might not have a one thousand so as I said you can start with ten dollars every month okay start with ten dollars every month there are categories there are different levels uh on how to be part of this. So in two months, okay I’ve had 5.69 as they return. I mean that is a lot of money that is a lot of money if i keep these two thousand dollars in my bank account by now I will not even get that okay but by the way this is a real asset if I’m filing my income cards right now this two thousand dollars is going to be more or less a write-off also because it’s invested into real estate okay.

So and then what i i mean where my money went to when you look into this is my portfolio you’re taking a look at this quick view my money is part of this uh my money is part of this uh my mother is part of this in fact there is one that is actually very close to where i live right here okay this property is uh 1 million 754 a thousand okay my money was added to this so you just take a bite okay take it back we’re talking about cloud funding the cloud sourcing so you don’t have that big money to buy but that little title money. How do you get started. To get started. Go to…

I’m just going to use a fake email address. So just put, let’s say I just put an email address, so you just click on get started. Once you click on that, this will ask you to create password and so on and so forth and you follow the steps so then you will get to a place whereby you choose which categories you want to join. There are different levels as i said you can start with 10 dollars or 100 you then of course you can also set your goals if I come over here uh this is where you set your goals this is where you set your goal so you click on more you see goals you can see my goal is by 2028.

Okay we’ll have a million dollars and this account that is where I am right now. I’m still very very far I’m still right here okay I’m still very I mean very very far. So for me to be able to meet up with that goal what I would be expected is at least auto invest 9265 so as i said what you don’t track you are not able to account for it. So my goal is at least let’s say 10 000 every month so ten thousand dollars every month if I do that by you can see studying the attention required you are falling off track so I need to keep up then i need to up my game so that how people at least in something you know like 10 grand into this account and then just let it grow let your money work for you.

So this is how you start. Get started with very real estate investing. When your money is working for you so as you can see the dividends here are two dollar fifty six cent acquisition three dollars uh thirty cents adversary which is something is normal I mean these people are working for me. It is my portfolio – as my account is basic level okay and my investment plan is basic portfolio if i want to have fun i just click on add fund and so on and so forth so this is how you will begin.

And if you want to see how this renewal working real time just go and they read the features and what all this entails okay you can read about all of this online okay read about this online and as I said you don’t have to, you don’t have to be great to get started but you have to start to be great. You don’t have to be great to gets started but you have to start to be great. Investing takes this happening you maybe you don’t have a one thousand dollars a point it could be hundred dollars.

The truth of the master is many people many working classes are taught actually have this so my question for you is that what are you doing for your retirement? what are you doing for your retirement? all really depends on that job job just over broke what happens if that money you know goes out there’s a friend of mine that I introduced into stocks investing, i’ll be talking about stocks investing also soon, I mean she doesn’t even know anything, she asked me oh what do i invest, what do invest in but do you know that when she started she had no clue and as I’m talking to you now she has thousands of dollars in stash account.

That is how you invest. You spread your tentacles you spread your investment through your store you invest into stocks as you are making that money there’s nothing wrong in working on a job or jobs but you don’t want to stay there so inside every paycheck that you have there is a seed and there is that bread you don’t want to be the bread and seed eater okay. God provide both the seed and the bread for you so when you have that it is your responsibility to make sure that you invest the seed you don’t eat the seed.

And how can you do that? Invest in yourself, investing in yourself your personal education is the greatest investment you can. So if you’re watching this video and then you are contemplating okay how do i get started you don’t even know come on now that is what I’m here for okay I’m called the forex apostle but it’s not just only about forex it’s bigger than forex what we do is personal finances. We talk about investing, we look into stocks we look into cryptocurrencies of course major in forex trading and we look into other areas of investing okay.