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You know, many people ask me that, okay forex apostle, what will you do different if you are to start all over, all over in Forex trading. So that’s what we’ll be discussing in this video. But before we get to that, if this is the first time you are visiting this channel, please hit the button right now. Subscribe to this channel.

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Okay. So if I have to start treating Forex all over again, let’s say okay am just starting afresh, what will I do?

Number one I will invest on myself. I will invest in my education. I will not be in a a hurry because someone  Says that, if, if you think education is too expensive, he says ignorance, right.

So I will make sure that I invested so much on my education, you know, when I was getting started in 2006, learning forex. I rushed to fund my account, you know, I remember then I, you know, back home in Nigeria, then I paid 150,000 Naira. That was 2006 for that three hours seminar, you know Then I was working at ibadan then ofcourse I had to travel to Lagos for that seminar only for me to actually  discovered later on that the facilitator of that program was not even a trader himself. So lesson number one – before you signed up for any coaching program, make sure that you are learning from a forex trader and not just Forex trainer.

 Okay. There are a lot of trainers. There are a lot of people that create even YouTube video just like this, so you have to make sure that, okay, you verify is this person actually trading, Then of course I was fired up after the seminar and all my life savings I wired everything to FX choice – I’ve been using FX choice for very long time. So why are they everything to FX choice and trust me my very first trade, I burnt out everything. And as if that was not enough I’ve borrowed another set of money, I was working in the bank, so I borrow another money. Wire the money and burn everything same day.

And within six month I burned six different accounts, that was only done on me that okay, I needed a coach and that take me to Number two thing I would do if I was starting again I will hire myself A coach. Not just ordinary coach, I will hire a mentor.

You see if you are watching this video right now, chances are that maybe you are jumping from one video to another on YouTube, you’ll learn different strategies. You learn from different people. At the end of the days you will be confused.

 So if I were starting all over, I would coach and I would follow the strategy that my coach taught me, and that is what exactly what I will do.

So that takes me to Number three things I would do if I was starting all over. Okay, I will focus on one strategy. You want to trade divergence. You want to trade a long time, you want to trade the swing trading, you want to trade this – that.  No, I would focus on one strategy.

and after I’ve mastered the strategy, then I will now learn another strategy. So that will be number 3 thing I would do if I was starting all over.

Then number four is I would take my time to demo trade. Okay. Till I started making money. Something happen to a very good friend know quite long. I was the one that introduced him to forex. But before you knew you went to sign up with another person for a  Network marketing business and before you know it.

I mean this is somebody that didn’t, he doesn’t know how to trade. It doesn’t even know how to open an account with hard earned money and before you knew it the money was wiped off in short period.

If  not making money, demo trading, don’t plan to go live, okay If you are not making money, demo trading, don’t go live. And of course you have to make sure that your strategy is good. You have your plan, okay You have a plan. You have a strategy.

Then Number five thing I will focus on if I were starting all over is I will focus on few on pairs. Okay I’m gonna focus on few pairs. If possible, to avoid any currency pairs that had USD because most beginners, when they are getting started, they’ll want to trade Euro/USD. Gbp/USD. Know I won’t be trading currency pairs like GBP/JPY like DVP.

You know, pairs that doesn’t have, I mean I’m talking about currency, okay, that doesn’t have US dollars. you know, in it.

Then of course last thing is I will make sure that I made up my mind that I will succeed because so many people that come so long Forex is like a side hustle to them and they don’t really give it all it takes because they are maybe jobs. They have other source of income and they don’t pay full attention to learning, so I would make it a do or die thing. I will learn it, I will succeed and that’s exactly what I will do.

I hope you’ve gotten some nuggets in this. Yeah. If I was to start all over, I will invest on myself. Education is, I mean it’s the best I will focus on, you know, the strategy my mentor coach me, I will make sure that I demo trade for a very long time.

 It doesn’t matter. Some would do one month, two months, three months. I would demon trade until I started making profits. Okay. And I will focus on few pairs, currency pairs and of course our I would be determined. I will make up my mind that I will succeed.

I hope you have gotten this. Okay. Once again, I want to thank you so much for stopping by, and if you have not subscribed to this channel, make sure you hit the button below. Subscribe and share this video with your friend, Leave your comment, and if you have any questions at all, please send me an email to info@tradermatic.net I look forward to connect with you and I believe strongly maybe one of these days, we may run into each other or cruise the world together. Have a blessed day. Awesome.