So with crypto currency, you know, all of them showing red. So what should I do, should I sell my cryptos Or keep it, what should I be doing right now So two things to be doing right now when it comes to cryptos investing. That’s what we going to be discussing in a minute.

Looking into coin market cap right now, you will see 44.9% and, of course at 30 on is 17.6. So right now Bitcoin is like 38,413 dollars, is okay. I mean, it’s on as long as we did no go all. We don’t go 20,000. So we asked the movement in know, remember when the curve is growing, these is where get to , the higher, higher that you come to the low the last place you got to and as long as we continue having higher high, higher low, we are in the all trend. Okay. So for Bitcoin to still be $38,000 right now we, the boot market is very much honest.

And I see etherium is 2045 forum for the five from $4,000 coming back to this point also is still a good one, then $2, a 50 cent there about to $1 53 cents. So indirectly, almost all cryptos right now, like, like 50% down, 50% down. So the wquestion now is okay. What She will be doing. Should you. You sell off your cryptos.

Now let me ask you if you buy, let’s say you buy tesla share or you buy  buy Facebook, Amazon, and you discover that the stock is down, would you just chicken out. I’m sorry. No. So two things I would you should be doing or remember these soft education materials. Okay. This is just for your information. not a, it’s not an investment advice in that new way. I am not an investment   advisor or this is what I am doing. This is what I would do. I would hold my coins because no matter where they are right now these are still going to bounce back. They’re going to definitely bounce back.

I mean, let me show you this, my so right now. Let me show you my personal portfolio actually  crypto, like right now, I don’t ask much Bitcoin, as I’ve said before I trade with my Bitcoin, I trade with my Bitcoin. So, what I have is just $1,000 worth of Bitcoin. That is 0.02. So I don’t devolve up to one Bitcoin as a person, I don’t even have up to 0.5. I trade with my, I trade with my Bitcoin. But others that I have like for instance, etherium has 84.8

Of my portfolio. of course something is coming this July. I hope you know, we are waiting for etherium 2.0 I can’t wait for July, for cop. So I’m not selling anything. I mean, as I said, this is what I would do. Depends on you, you are free to do whatever you want to do. So like, my wife’s young finance right now, he’s just 3.7 of my portfolio. So it went to almost $92,000 then, came back to 41,000. So you can see the last 24 hours has been so awesome to know. Now we’re having a green. My light coin, lights is 2.9 miles of my portfolio. dano is 2.08 then I have some, and I’m not another platform actually. So chain link, I see 1.34. So you can see all of them right now. I mean last 24 hours as being as busy.

Awesome. So what I’ll do, two things; number one relax just go about doing your normal activities. I mean trusting God to do play with your kids. Walk on that project, materials, just go about doing your normal thing forget that you have crypto invested. okay. forget that you have crypto’s investments on with, let’s just do what it will do because it’s surely comeback.

It’s surely come back if you sell off right now, you going to lose big time because when we talk about crypto currency it’s not just about crypto currency it’s about blockchain technology. Block chain technology has come to stay just like the internet came and stay. blockchain technology has come to stay. If you chicken out right now, or you sell off your point in the next two, three months, you going to look back and you go bit your fingers. Wow. I wish I held on point. Okay. So number one thing is what? Just go about your normal activities. Don’t let your blood pressure rise beyond normal. And that is why we always say that. Make sure you do nothing first money  you cannot afford to lose,

Then second thing if you extra money, this is the best time to buy. This is the best time. You missed, you  know Bitcoin when Bitcoin was 6,000 thousand dollars now is at $38,000. So, its an opportunity for you to buy.

Etherium you Missed when etherium was $4,000, now etherium is 2000 plus it’s an opportunity to buy back. So what I will be doing, if i have extra money I will buy more. Increase my position my position that is exactly what I would do. So number I could go about my normal activities.

Number two I would buy back because definitely, definitely we are still in the bull market, we are not in the crypto’s winter yet.  

Okay. I hope you will listen and just do what you are led to do. As I said do you I do me, but remember when it comes to investments is, is a short-term thing. You have to have it lions heart to be able to play in the pool of investment.

So make sure number one, you do not invest the money you cannot afford to lose. And if you have extra money is a good time to buy back because now you buy deep and of course you are going to be selling at the top. I hope you got something from today’s video. If you did, please do me a favor. Smash that subscribe button like this video, share this video with somebody, subscribe to this YouTube Channel.