Hello guys. This is Emmanuel, a.k.a the Forex apostle. If you’re watching this video right now, I want to say very big. Thank you. You know, I just create this quick video. Okay. For, EUR/USD forecast, you know, last week for my VIP students, I showed them what was going on on the EUR/USD and I just feel like making this up video of a public one.

Okay, awesome. Welcome back. So, last week of course are been having some fun with EUR/USD does join this for the past two to three weeks. actually it’s been really really fun. Okay This was where we were. Okay, I showed my, VIP student this sometimes ago. Let’s make this a little bit bigger. Let’s make this bigger.

Okay So this was where we were raging and I told them that, okay, if you, if we pass this level, okay, it will not stop until it gets to this place. And of course you can see we are at this particular resistance line right here. Even though I don’t trade support or resistance, I trade structure. If I want to trade a regular chart, but let me just show you what some of your will do. You guys have to trade regular chart. There are growth.

Take you back to tradermatic my system that I use. So if you look at, over here right now, this is different. The block that we’re having. Okay So of course EUR/USD goes up, comeback goes, Come back. Finally. Break this. Now, this is my forecast and this is what am thinking. Remember this information, is my own feelings.

It’s my own opinion and this is not an investment advice book and the body. Now if this breaks, okay, if this breaks up, okay, is going to come back re-test this particular resistance zone. Okay. And at that particular time it will become a support zone. Now if that continues, it will not stop on to eventually get back to this place.

Okay That will be 20% of my, my prediction. However, what I feel strongly is that I know or should I say what I feel. Okay, and what I will be looking to do is right here. I’m expecting it to come back down. Okay. I’m expecting it to come back or right here. Okay. That is, that is what I’m thinking because looking at the EUR/USD is being really, really ranging.

Actually for quite some time as you can see right here. Okay, let’s go to tradermatic. So this is tradermatic and this is daily chart. As you can see, it’s been up and down, up and down.

This is daily, so right. This is where we are now. This is where we are. Okay, you can still survive there. So if he breaks that it will not stop all to eventually make it over here. You remember That’s what I just explained. And then of course the reason why I love using tradermatic is because this is very visual. It’s make it easy for me.

I don’t need to start guessing and thinking of which structure. Remember we’ve been talking about 12 technical indicators that you need to stop avoiding and of course we’ve dealt with one, two, three, four, five. If you miss those videos, make sure that you click the link at the description of this video, watch them over and over and over. Okay. You cannot be using indicators that are built in 1980s 1950s I mean trading in 2020 it doesn’t work that way.

I mean I was using them. I feel miserably with that and of course we now have to go to work and build our own custom indicators and system and that is what we’re using, taking the old system. We built it to make it new. That is what we are talking about, so if you look at it right here, I’m expecting these. I mean if you go back to a four hours, you can see right now, I mean we already on overbought right there.

So I’m expecting it to come back where we come back here. I want your EUR/USD, I’m expecting you come back down. That is what I will be expected. But if you breaks this then guys, it means buyers get ready to go. Long and set your take profit for 1.1497 but if you are shorten, go back to four hours or one hours. And that will be next week because I mean today’s 29th of May, this definitely my bid.

I mean this is after the last trade in the month of may. So we are still expect your some radical movement today. Okay So if you come back down then we’ll be expecting it. And you take you off your profit targets to be 1.07959. Okay, so guys, I hope you get some now get from this.

Remember, this is not an investment advice, but just my own opinion about EUR/USD pairs and how it’s going to move next month. Okay. If you have not subscribed, subscribe to this channel. Go ahead, hit the button below, just give us some love. And then of course, like this video, leave your comment on the, wish you appear new month in advance. Awesome.