I love I want to welcome you to this video. Wow. It’s been an awesome, awesome week. I mean, I mean, Euro / USD has been so, so crazy. I hope you saw my video yesterday where I want you not to go long on Euro USD, if you did not. Well, I’m sorry, it’s too late.

But right now we are going to be looking into forecast. Euro USD for next week, next week is going to be the week, June 7th, to June 13th. For some of you that have been following me for a while, you know that I don’t normally trade, Euro USD. The reason is very simple USD. I mean most common currency Euro USD is the most c’mon. I mean, it’s the most tradable currency pairs, and that is actually one of the currency pairs that every newbie wants to trade.

So, but it does kind of a, no caught my attention this past few weeks. And then of course it has been awesome. This week alone, I’ve made over $15,000 trading Euro USD pairs just Euro USD. I mean, just today alone, right now, just today I’ve made over $5,000 to be precise as at the time of shooting this video.

This is 9:23 AM. I’ve made $5,475 26 cents. Okay. I believe you can see that and I believe you will see it on, on the screen. Okay. Anyway, before we continue with this video, it is the very first time that you  are on our channel, we provide value here. The goal is to make you, I mean, to take you from where you are, to where you want to be in forex, I was once like you and the, of course, this kind of provide them was not common.

When I was getting started in 2006, you know, I had to struggle and struggle burn six accounts in six months. I eventually got it right after I invested in myself. So on the of course I’ve been where you are and that is why I’ve made it upon myself. You know, create this value to marketplace. What you can just do in return is  give us glove. So like this video, subscribe to this channel.

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All Right. So welcome back. if you remember the video I created last week, Friday, where I did the forecast for the month of June for Euro USD. This was where we were then. You know this was where we, were, when this place and that was when I gave the warning , hey, it don’t be careful. You know, don’t be shot and then ofcourse.

I also said don’t buy, but always be very sure and be very clear of the direction, because this is where we started from. Okay. This one, we start that from that, of course we got to this place. It took a while for this to actually break this zone. If you remember very well, euro usd was ranging in this zone for a very 

long time, you know, you remember I told you guys this is where we are be very careful. See, this is where we have to be very, very careful. Now we left this place. Okay. I’m just shooting this, because, from some of the people reaching out to me, many people have lost money trying to trade these pairs.

I’m not is why I’m not taking it upon myself to, you know, show all this. So when you look at it, this is this where I’ve been there for, we are going to, this is where we have right now. Okay. These that you are seeing is just a re-tracement. Okay. People are just cashing out because today is Friday. So they are trying to, you know, book their profit. And that is why you see what is going on right now.

But if you agree with me, this is where I believe the market’s going. Okay. Then when get to this place, we’ll begin to talk about going shopping again, because our, we expect of course, EURO USD to come back to where it started from here. But if it’s almost, it will also break this place, but I really, really doubt it seriously, because we have not been in to this particular, resistance zone for a very long term.

As you can see for a very, very long time, we have not been told that you got it for a very long time where I’ve not been to that zone. So, I believe when we get to this place with have some , you know, who knows retracement or even reversal of that trend. So now for the next week, what I’m expecting is actually shot zero USD.

Okay. That is what I will be looking for, what to do, just today. Okay. Let me see. One side. Yeah. Does today, you know, if you are been following what I’ve been saying since Monday, especially about this pairs, you will agree with me now that tradermatic is just the best when it comes to predicting what the market will do.

So what I does draw in this place, if you are using tradermatic is very easy. Okay. This is where we started from just like everything else here is where we started from. Okay. It’s ranges between this point, to this point while you’re very long time. Okay. These two, then the video I created last week, Friday was when we were in this place. And I told you that once we broke this place, that it would not stop until we 

gets over here. Okay. So this is what we are expecting EURO USD  to get to before reverser. Okay. And if you, if you look at it also, as I’ve said, look, I think a hookup that line that I drew, you know, for your very long time, we are not okay for a very long time. The last time that we got to this, zone was actually, that was here. That was 2019 january. Okay. January 30th 20019. That was the last time we before this.

Okay. Before this date, that was January, 2013. So I’m very convinced I might be wrong. Okay. What we do in Forex is calculate risk. Okay. We predict, okay. We walk by prediction of probability, but in my own situation, right. based on my experience. Mmm, okay. 80%. Okay. That when got to this point right here.

Okay. We will be looking to shot. I believe many seller will be shooting right therethere waiting for euro usd to get to this place. I chatting with one of my boys yesterday. And he told me that he shotted euro usd here and ofcouse he was praying   that euro usd should just come back down.Guys. This thing is very easy.

You know Warren Buffett says that the risk is in doing what you have no clue about. So when you are trading forex, you need to understand the concept for the standard rules of the game. Don’t be the first person in the market. And of course you don’t want to be the last person. But the fear of missing out is what most, most readers, this is my so far. So good. This is, let me see this group, this, my, this, my VIP group.

Okay. For today. As at the time of creating this video right now, this is how much, okay. I’ve made this over $5,000. I’m not creating this to impress anybody, but to just let to know that, okay, I know what I’m talking about. You know moses said, God. He said, these people will not believe me. If you don’t show them proof, I don’t have to show you how much I made.

And if you think I’m using this to impress you with that is your problem, but you are not there when I was burning out my accounts. So why I’m showing you, this is for you to know. You can see all these pairs right now. Okay. are euro usd, yesterday, when I created the video, I told you okay. do not shot. I mean, I said, do not buy your EURO USD. But at that particular time, I was already up in this position.

Okay. I had this position open since yesterday. And of course by one day, him this morning, that’s my time. That was when I closed this trade. Of course you can see that was $3,090. Then I tried to broke my own rule. Okay. I told you guys not too long, not a good long while I try to do it. Okay.

And I place this trade , of course you can see quickly, okay. Get out of the trade with lost of $60. And since then you could see what the drain scalping the market, milking the market and Just shorten as you can see, even as I’m creating this video right now, the market is still retracing. As you can see on a short term, a trend. Okay. So what we are just saying essence now is okay. If you take a look over here, let’s let me go back to 15 minutes chart.

As you can see, this was when I, this was when I caught off. Okay. You see, you see right That, that time that was 9:30 AM done. 9:30 AM. That was when frankfurt market opened. That was when I closed down my long position. Okay. And then as you can see, since london market opens, by 10 o’clock right there. You see what has been happening .

This is what has been happening. You see what has been happening right here. Okay. These are is on fiften minutes. I’ve tried these on for 15 minutes chart. So for next week, once again, I will be looking to short, EURO USD, because I believe maybe before the close of the markets today, this would go back. So where are you starting from Or Monday to go back over there. And who knows Maybe the reverse are started.

Nobody knows the future of the market who are, what we do is predict on their base on technical analysis for their meta analysis, some settlement I’m looking at price action. We decide on what we do. Okay. I hope you are getting something from this video. If you are, come on, show me some love, like this video, leave a comment. If you disagree with what I’m saying. It’s okay. Okay.

It’s okay. Just leave your comments also below. And then we both, I don’t know it all, all of us, we are all students. We are still on. The Forex is a long time learning thing. I believe that we are not we are not. We are not there yet. I believe strongly that we are not there yet. Okay. Let’s take a look at the fundamentals for next week, . if you are, if you look at what is going to happen next week, right here, you can see, you can see right here that most of the currency pairs that will be affected by news  next week is Euro USD.

That is why it does use. USD is very, he’s going to be very, very volatilee. Next week is going to be very, very volatile next week. Take a look at the Monday morning, eight 45. This is my time central time. Okay. ECB president speaks on 7:30 AM on Wednesday. Of course, 1:00 PM on where’s the F and C projections. Where’s this group give very busy day for EURO USD.   

The end they’re there next week, Friday, we grew out of another news by 9am so it’s going to be busy week. And if you are printing NASDAQ and other stuff, you know that when your EURO USD moves, it also affects in indices Okay So my friend, if you have any questions, you know, who has to get me that should get a link to connect , to connect with our free WhatsApp group.

Okay. Let’s rub mind together There are traders, some professional, and some just learning some don’t even know what they are doing but we rub minds together. And of course that is what it’s all about. Okay. That is what it’s all about. And if want to join our mentoring, program, I mean, we opened some slots for this month of june.So you can go to www.fxcertification.com   If you have any question contact me on whatsapp , or you can send me an email info@tradermatic.net. Okay. My friend, this is Emmanuel Adegbola, a.k.a forex apostle, signing out and wish you a prosperous weekend.