Hi my friend. Welcome. I’m going to be discussing Forex-trading, Forex trading and your faith.

So when we’re talking about Forex trading, I don’t know your faith, but I’m here a Christian believers. By now, you know I’ve been Forex trader, I’m also a minister of the gospel and my mentor trade for a living. So when you participated in let’s say foreign exchange, let’s say you are bought something online, let me tell you that you are being involved in forex.

If you have deposited money in your bank, you have been involved in forex. If you have ever taken a loan from bank, you have been involved in Forex, so the question will now be so what is forex?

We shall discuss this tomorrow. I can’t contest on your faith, but one thing I just want us to understand is that the need to be new, does it really prove that that is all that we need to know There are a lot of us that we just need to have an open mind. We just need to give ourselves freedom to learn new things, to see so many religions has put so many people into slavery.

I mean so many, so many religions and I’m not particularly by any faith. I’m not any religious right now, but we just need to hold the standard. There are a lot of concepts. There are a lot of doctrines that are a lot of belief system that we have that keep people in bondage and you are one of those that knows that you need God delivers. Do you know that there are some Christians now that they can’t even, they can walk in some places because they are Christian.

There are some Christians that they can do some something things that others are doing. I mean and when you check your Bible from Genesis to revelation, there is no where in the scripture that that is written. So if you don’t understand the concept of Forex,  all you need to do is to ask questions, okay, what is Fore? How is this being done?  Yes. Does is it possible that Forex could be gambling Absolutely. Yes. There are a lot of gamblers and there of course, if you are doing something you don’t know that is gambling.

Many people gamble with their marriage. If you marry somebody that you don’t love, you’ve just gone into that marriage and no wonder so many marriages are feeling these days. If you are working on a job that you hate, you hate your boss, you are gambling with your life because this is something you wake up every morning you go to do, you won’t like it.

So that is gambling right there. So the same thing in forex, you come to trade forex, you have no cleu. What I’m saying is that no risk is in doing something you have no clue about. So if you don’t know what you are doing, you would just be jumping up and down exactly what you are doing is gambling.

But when we’re talking about Forex trading for real trust me, you should be excited that you’re a Forex trader because people like George Soros, people like Warren, we’re talking about big banks. These are forex traders. So is it’s a thing of honor to look at yourself. That’s why for extra that you are not the yahoo-yahoo person, you are not a 419.

So trying to seek knowledge is all you’re getting. Make sure that you get understanding before you keep putting yourself in a bondage. I hope you understood this and I hope your eyes are for the standing as being open, so please make sure once again, if today, the very first time you are connected with us on this channel, this is a very private channel.

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