In this video, we are going to be looking into Forex trading lessons from Obi Cubana – trading lessons from the legend himself, Obi Cubana. So I mean, What does that have to do with forex trader? What kind of lessons can you pick from it. Can you apply those lessons to your Forex trading career. That is what we are going to be discussing today.

So who is Obi Cubana? what kind of lessons can we learn from him? Can you apply to all forex trading and by the way, remember, we’re going to be picking a winner. Okay. From the last week video at the end of this video. So make sure you stay up. If you are not from Nigeria possibly you don’t know who Obi Cubana, it is possibly. You’ve not been following what is up then on social media, you know his mom died last December, and of course her burial was talk of town.

The burial was talk on the social media. Okay. And I didn’t know him before, so that got me curious. So I started looking, okay, so who is this guy What Who’s this guy do you all call me So that got me thinking. Hmm. That must be something big from this guy. You know, one thing with me is, you know, I do no resent riches. I tried to see what I can learn from it. And I started digging. I started digging, and I discovered that there are some lessons to learn from this guy. I’m going to run some videos up, listen to this video, then we’ll come back. And we’ll be picking from this in-person interview session with him then we’ll continue.


Okay. so with, the huge influx of social media, and I mean, everybody has an Instagram account. Everybody has a Facebook account. You know, we go on Facebook, we see Obi Cubana, we shout it’s, it’s very easy to sort of, you know, get into this rational of thinking. You know, you can just make it overnight, you know So if you were to go back in time, you know, this is a 20 year old Obi Cubana now, what advice would you, would you give to this person trying to aspire to become the next Obi Cubana,

I think patience, diligence, hardwork and above all I think you have to have integrity.

All right. So you take note of that. Okay. Patience, diligence, and hardwork. Let’s get that clear, patience, diligence, and hardwork, many people’s started forex trading, they are not patient at all. They want to start and start making millions of dollars. Immediately. It takes patients to be successful. Do they get to where they got to overnight? It takes patience. It takes integrity. It takes discipline. of course you,you have to learn that you have to apply that to your Forex trading career.

You have the small account now, with patients, you can grow that account when you are a patient enough, that $500 Accounts can become 5,000 can become 50,000, can become $500,0000. but you have to be patient to grow it. I started learning Forex in the year 2006 and started trading the same year. As I told my students, this past, VIP Q and a session that we had, I said of about 300 people on that call on that day. I don’t think we are five people that are actively trading Forex right now because people cannot be patient to see it, okay. It is just like a Chinese bamboo tree. It takes longer years, two to five years to grow it , and you won’t see anything but when it start growing it’s like wow. It’s like, wow, because within just 5 days it will grow very, very tall. You know, many people are not patient.

Does it have integrity You have to as much as possible. Let your word be your word. You see the problem we have is that there Okay. Let me give you an example. There was one day, I think that was out 10th year anniversary and I made a post on my page. I say, it’s not been easy 10 years. there is one guy that comment section and wrote, ‘ha 10 years I know fit wait o’

No that most of you went to this mentality of, we want to make it by x period. I’d be like you, you have to look at the story behind the success.

Right. So success doesn’t come overnight. You have to look up the story behind the success. Many people see the forex apostle making 4 figures, 5 figure daily and they want to do the same thing. The question is, are you ready to make the sacrifice that I’ve made. Are you ready to study the way I have study? Are you going to learn the process? Are you ready to follow the process? Are you ready to follow through the process? You see many people are just interested in the glory. They are not interested in the story, but the secret is in this story. So if you are a Forex trader,and you, learning , may be right now you are demo trading you need to be patient. You need to be able to endure, for you to be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel, you need to be able to see yourself.

It doesn’t matter whether that account is very small right now, but with patients you can grow it. You know, like what I share a few weeks ago and in case you miss that video the link is going to be in the the description of this video. It doesn’t matter the size of your account. Maybe you are very small account, size $500 account. The first thing you need to do is to learn how to grow if you know how to trade.

Okay I mean, somebody call me last week and was complaining he bought one of my software’s it didn’t work. It’s like you go to the car dealership to buy a car. If you don’t know how to drive, you can’t go back to the dealership and be telling them oh the car doesn’t drive. You have to know how to drive. Okay. And that is where coaching and mentoring come into play. I mean, I really, really got fascinated with this guy’s story. How he has been able to help many people, you know mentor them. and that’s exactly what it’s all about mentorship, mentorship, mentorship. I want us to just listen. Well, because I really enjoy remember we are coming back to pick the winner for our FX sniper, VIP version.

Talk to you, I don’t rest, you going to feel sorry for them. You have to work very hard. You have to follow the process. Yes. God blessing might come differently. Some people it might take them very long, some people it might take them short period, but you have to work. You have to be focused. There’s no free money out there.

So did you get that? So even though forex trading is easy, you can trade from the comfort of your home, but how many of you see yourself trading forex in the next 13 years. Okay. You are trading right now. You’re not making anything, but do you see yourself trading in the next 13 years, you know what that will give to you?

Let me show you. So let me show you something real quick. I’m going to show you something, something real quick. Okay So we are talking about patients. We’re talking about 13 years. So let’s do it. He was talking about comfort with $1,000, $1,000. And you know how to trade. You are able to be making 10%, okay. 10% on your money. Every month, most gurus are making less than 20% in a year. Even Warren Buffett himself. If you Google him to see average return on his investments is 20% in a year.

But if you know what you are doing, you can be making, you can be making, you know, 10% return. 10% of the time I make 20. Sometimes I make 30, but I mean, ideally I normally focused on 10%. So if you grow this money after one year, okay, that is 12 months. You will not see much. It will look like, okay, you started this account with $1,000, but now it’s 3000, it’s $3,000. Right But then remember what he just said, long term, because many people see Obi Cubana right now, say oh ya he kill three hundred and forty something cow whatever, but then it’s a journey of 13, 20 years. So ok, you run this account for five years. Five years is 60 months, five years, 60 months, okay. With $1,000, boom, this is what you will be having in your account. That you will be having over $300,000 in your account.

Okay running this account for five years. So what about for 10 years, 10 years will be 120 months. So what do you have in your account? That will be millions of dollars in your account. runny this and consistent profits of 10% on your money. Okay. You might not be as rich. You might not be a billionaire like Obi Cubana but then you will be able to live a comfortable life that will help you and help your family. I mean, is this making sense to you This is making sense to you, make sure that you live. Wow. Yes. This makes sense. You type it right there at the comments section of this video. Okay. I will be picking the winner of the fx sniper, the VIP version real quick, but I still want those to enjoy more of this interview. So all these cut soap, you have to work for your own soap.

okay. So I believe that also what the world lack this day is integrity. You have to keep to your word. You have to have business agreement with people, with establishment, with brand , you have to as much as possible respect that they do have. Can you see them coming back You see this happening, you see opening doors for you see people speaking on your behalf without you asking for those things. So I think these are the things that people have to learn. If we’ll have to imbibe these, and it’s a natural key to success.

Just out of curiosity, this guy who you mentioned a 10 years too. And he was like, I didn’t have 10 years, what was your reaction. I laugh it. Because like this beautiful place right, there were some messy situation, there were some messy stages. Nobody can see cement right now. Nobody can see all those. Well, so there are, before you can not try to move or something, there will be the struggle behind. So to him, you just came out of an eyes because instagram post and say Obi Cubana, Obi Cubana, just – nothing like that. We’d be working very hard up to now. People feel I’ve made it. I have not.

So can you say that this got me so excited because I mean, just like that Cubana gril you see them having that interview many peoples say wow, Obi Cubana has arrived, of course that is what we see on social medial but then can you imagine the guy saying yes, no right. So you have to, you have to continue to learn, continuous learning. You see most people see the luxurious, hotel, the cloth, the expensive the whole thing look, but they didn’t see the cement,so the same thing, nobody cares. If popped your story, nobody really cares. You bought the struggle. People care so much about the result. What you have to do is to go after that result.

Go after the result. When you get the results you will be celebrating. It’s possible you are watching this video right now. You are married. Your spouse is not supporting you as a Forex trader. It’s like, okay, what are your doing I mean, get real go and get a job. It’s okay. Go after result. Once we get the results, he or she will give you the endorsement. He or she will approve you. You know when I started trading forex, they ask what I do online, people give me names giving names, people call me names and I don’t care. You know, people, all their names. But right now, those same people that call me names. You know come back to say, wow, Pastor Adegbola this thing is working. So you have to just, if you, if you listen to what people say, you will be discouraged. If you listen to all names, they call you because they will call you names.

Trust me. I mean, can you imagine our streets right now, many people I’m creating this video right now on a Monday morning. And before I come to work Monday before I’ve gone out on that, of course, people see me strolling, jogging, working out, by 10:00 AM. It’s like, okay, maybe this guy’s into drugs. when they’re sleeping, I’m awake. I’m trading. When they’re sleeping, I’m awake. I’m trading. And when they are at work in their cubicle. I might be sleeping. Most of the time my nap time is between 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM. So you have to understand you have to work right now. So that’s who will not work later. So instead of joining the people that say Obi Cubana is this, Obi Cubana is that, why don’t you look into the lessons you can learn.

I mean, I’ve seen some of his videos, I saw the picture of his beautiful wife, his children, this guy started from rock bottom . I am not campaigning for him, he even says he is not a politician and he doesn’t plan to be one. Okay. But then you just need to pick some things from him. And apply it to your own life. I hope you got some things from today’s video.

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