welcome you to this video where we’ll be comparing Forex trading, affiliate marketing. So if you’re watching this video right now, then chances are that you are an affiliate marketer, or you’ve learned about affiliate marketing or you Forex trader, or you are trying to get started in Forex trading. Now you are maybe possibly confused with which one should you pursue. Should you pursue affiliate marketing or should you pursue forex trading. 

You know, if you have been in one of my training, which of course I’m gonna be inviting you again this week for forex manifesto, where talked about 20 different ways by which you can make money online, 20 different business models online. Affiliate marketing is one of them. So now as an affiliate marketer and a forex trader, so which one do you actually focus on more.

And how can you combine the two together. That is what we’re going to talk about in this video.

So who is an affiliate marketer?  An affiliate marketer is someone that promote another persons product in exchange for commission. Okay. So if we have A and we have B. And a is the product owner. Okay. A owns a product and B promotes ‘A’s product for commission. So this person is called the vendor (A)that owns the product – is called the vendor or information marketer, or internet marketer or the way he might be called. 

And this person is affiliate marketer.Now there are different types of affiliate marketing models.   Okay. But popular and the most popular ones we find on JVZOO, warriorplus and clickbank and the rest. And of course, as an affiliate marketer, you promote products that ranges from $10 and even some of them $7.  So let’s just say $10 to whatever, I mean have been an affiliate marketer where I promote of $25,000 before. Okay. So why do I see myself qualified talking about this?

Because this is where I have been for your while also as an affiliate marketer, if you’ve been around for a while you would know MOBE, okay. Even though it’s no longer online, my online business empire, I mean, they changed the name different times, you join this program I think with $97 if I remember correctly or $49 actually. Then you go to a 1000, 500 for one tool. They go to 2,500, but to be a platinum member in this program, then it would cost you almost $25,000. And ofcourse I was one of the  one of the platinum members in MOBE. In fact, I was one of the, the traffic coach. Okay. I was one of the traffic coach, even with MOBE.  I mean, it’s just one of them. I was also in MLSP. MLSP is an affiliate and also at the same time, an attraction marketing platform.

I won their contest for almost about three times. Okay. we are talking about video marketing and the rest. And I was also one of the masters marketers club in that platform. In MOBE,I joined MOBE and of course, I won a new mercedes-benz within six weeks of joining this. Okay. So what am I sharing these for you to know that I know the game and I know what am talking about. Yes, I might not have a big names on JV zoo or JVzoo or ClickBank and so on and so forth. And the reason why I don’t do all of that is what I’m going to be sharing in this video and why do I prefer Forex trading over all of this So let’s, let’s see. You are an affiliate marketer. You are promoting $10 product for 80% commission. Okay. Let’s even say a hundred percent commssion, which is not too common for the vendor to give you a hundred percent, but let’s just assume that’s you are promoting let’s say an ebook. 

Okay. $10 ebook. They give you a hundred percent and  how many sales of these How many seasonal this ebook Do you have to make to make $1,000. Okay. How many sales do you have to make. Okay. Comment bellow this before right now. Okay. So how many sales? You have to make 100 sales, you have to make 100 sales of this $10 product to make $1,000. Let me tell you something. The same effort that it takes you to market $10 product is the same effort to take you to market, to promote $1,000 product. I tell you what, if you don’t have the very big list – mailing list, and if you don’t have very big follower. For you to make 100 sales it’s just not an easy task.In fact if you have to do paid marketing of course you will spend if not more than one thousand dollars or even close to $5,000 

depends on the kind of mailing list you are using in order to make this 100 sales. And how much will you be making? You’ll be making, you know, just $1,000. Okay. That is on the ad spent. So let’s come to the technicalities of the affiliate marketing. Most times the vendor will give you the landing page. Okay Which everybody promotes, okay, this is where your prospect would put in their name and email address. Then they put their email address. of course this is the, what we’ll call funnel and it will direct them to the sales page. Okay. And this salespage, most of the times, I mean,over 90 percent of the people that visit your sales page would not buy the very first time. So you will have to have what is called autoresponder in place, autoresponder emails, okay.

Then we follow up with these people. So what I’m saying is that for you to make money as an affiliate marketer, you have to understand how to build funnel, okay You have to understand how to build funnel. You have to understand email marketing. You have to order stand, maybe you want to do YouTube video marketing. You have to understand facebook. You have to understand some pay per click marketing. You have to understand may be Google AdWords, you also have to understand Facebook, PPC, and so on and so forth. Like media buying. You know. and a lot. I mean  some will also go and start blogging. You know even before you make a dime from your blogging. Sometimes you will spend the first 100 days doing that. So a lot of these internet marketing B.S is what you would do as an internet or affiliate marketer in order for you to generate traffic and make money. So why am I sharing all of these now as a Forex trader, what do you have to do All you need to do is to know when to buy and know when to sell particular currency pairs. 

Okay. A particular currency pairs,know when to buy  and when to sell. Know when to enter and when to exit a trade. This is all you learn when you come school forex trading. And of course, that $1,000 example we give sample we gave not $1,000 example we gave as a Forex trader blend. You don’t need to know anything like PPC, Facebook, YouTube. You don’t need to know any of that. $1,000 a day, easy, easy, easy to make money.In fact few days ago, a training whereby I talks about my three steps. Okay My three steps. You know strategy for you to make a four figures daily trading forex. And in fact I actually give away this book.If you have not get this    this book, their will be a link below this video you can actually get a copy for free, and where I share my three step strategy for you – making four figures daily forex system.

Okay And I also want to use this opportunity to invite, to training that am hosting, I call it forex manifesto , where I discussed my proven ways for you to profit with Forex market, for you to make a fortune with Forex markets. Just go to www.forexmanifestor.net.

So my friend, I hope by now, if you are a affiliate marketer trying to transit to forex trading, you have a clue, what it entails. Now, how do you combine the two? You can be forex trader and you are still doing affiliate marketing.

I mean, I’m an affiliate marketer. I promote other people’s program, software, so on and so forth. And at the same time, I focus more on coaching people or mentoring people to profit with forex trading. So if you are an affiliate marketer right now,and you want to transit to start trading forex. It is a very easy thing to do. All you have to do is have an open mind – I want to learn. Know that affiliate marketing is a  different niche and you are coming also to learn forex trading. It’s a different niche. It’s a different mindset. So look at yourself as a learner.

That’s okay, I’m ready to learn this. And you now combine both. For example, we also have an affiliate program with out products. So as our students, you can promote our product for 50% commission and imagine if you promote our training, let’s say for example,our coaching and mentoring program. You promote to your friends, to your list, to your followers and to your fans.

And imagine if you just make 10 sales in a month. And of course this 10 sales you’ll get 50% commission. Yeah, you know how much that would be.  So this is also the money you can use to fund your trading account.So you make money from this side, you diversify to this side, you make money from this side. An average millionaire online or offline as a minimum of six streams of income. So you don’t want to just focus on one that you want to diversify.

You’re an affiliate marketer. You can trade forex. And if you  forex trader you can also do affiliate marketing.but you need to know which one is better, which one is easier. It depends on you, your skills. But I want you to know that if we put together 100 affiliate marketers, may be out of these, it is actually three of them that can boast of actually making minimum of $1,000 a day.

If you are one of those that you think I’m wrong with that statistics, you can also comment below this video with proof, with proof. Yes, you can do product launch. You make some quick money within that week and you don’t do another launch, or you don’t do another affiliate contest for another three months. But when you are a forex trader you trade everyday.every day, you make money every day and it can be easier more than that.