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So today we’re going to be looking into the difference between the Forex trading and the Airbnb, or let’s put it that advantage of trading Forex over Airbnb. And what brought this topic What brought this conversation You know, something I happen like , I think a last last six months I was introduced to Airbnb – the short term property leasing business and of course I got so much entices with it and I actually wanted to start. I mean one thing with me is that when I want to start anything I first invest in myself, you know, I bought some materials on Amazon, I bought, if I bought a video, a training course for almost $2,500, and my wife and I, we drove around the neighborhood. We’ve got the three properties that we wanted to start with.

And you know, one day I just lie down on, I was just thinking over all the stress that we have to go through if we have to start. We discover that to start a unit of airbnb let’s say for example, just two bedroom apartment, it will cost at least about $5,000 to set that in place. You know, and, of course every month you will have to pay rent, you pay property insurance, you pay utility bills, you do this, do that.

Then when it come’s to the business itself, you have to deal with a guest, a guest review, you have to deal with ranking, that you have to deal with your occupancy rate so much, you know, that you need to deal with. I mean I have a friend that’s, that’s what she does. even though she’s making a lot of, okay, does a little bit disclaimer here.

I know there are a lot of people watching this. possibly you are into Airbnb and you are making money. I don’t say that people cannot make money and I’m not saying that people are not making more than with it. All I’m just saying is that to me, I mean for me personally, I just discover that It’s not really an ideal business for me, you know, because am a minister of the gospel, I trade forex. I also coach and mentor others to make a living trading Forex.

So I wouldn’t want something that will be giving me they’ve given me headache. So I told my wife, I said, okay, you know what If we have to put this $5,000 into Forex account, I know how much I’ll be making from that in a month. You know, if you start a unit with let’s say five to $10,000 and a, I mean, on average a profit after you pay all those bills and everything, maybe in a month from a unit you may be making like $1,000 to $1,500.

If I have $5,000 in my forest account, I know that in the month I will make more than that. I don’t need to pay for, I don’t need to pay those. So Mmm, of course we canceled that ideas even sometimes. I still want to like revisit that idea, but I keep checking myself. No. So with Forex, you know, you don’t need to run around.

You don’t need all of those crazy task like cleaning. Oh my God, that’s another one that I hate most of you after playing. And look at this, Corona pandemic, you know, airbnb, everything shut down. But in forex, we don’t know anything. You know, as a Forex trader, you don’t know any downtime. You don’t know anything locked down. In fact, I could even say in my trading career for over 12 years, I’ve been trading for this period is the period that I made most money online.

So unlike airbnb that your house is locked down. Imagine if I heard about 10 units and have to be paying rent. All those 10 for the last two months of locked down. Just thinking about that. Meanwhile, in forex, even just today, just today as I’m shooting this video I’ve made, I mean, you’re talking about life account. I’ve made $3266.98 cents. Okay. I don’t know if you can see that on my screen.

Okay, so $3,000. You don’t make it, as a profit over one Unit of Airbnb. Okay, so you that you ask me that questions. Why do I prefer Forex trading over AirBnb Now you got it. Okay. Once again, I want to say thank you. Today is Friday and of course tomorrow by Austin by 9.am am goin to be hosting a webinar and I want to invite you to join us.

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