GPS Forex Robot Review | The Bitter Truth Nobody Has Told You Before Now About the GPS Forex Robot by Mark Larsen

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Hello and welcome to the GPS Forex Review by The Forex Apostle. If you have been looking for a Forex Expert Advisor that you would love to set and forget and the EA keeps making you money on a complete autopilot then this is one of such hidden Expert Advisor you would love to get.

But before then, I know you probably have so many questions about the Robot especially if you have not heard of it before now and if you are just curious about how it works, get excited because right here in this GPS Forex Robot Review, I will try to get all your questions answered.

Excited ? Great… let’s get into it.

Are you one of these Frustrated Traders?

You have lost your hard earned money to Forex Sharks, the Bulls and the Bears due to some craps out there called Expert Advisor
You don’t have time to trade manually and you want your own share of this 6 Trillion Dollar market called Forex
You have a full time job that pays your bill but you need a business by the side to keep bringing in money clockwise
You are using some EAs right now but you have to tweak and tweak before it makes profits if there’s any profit at all

Well, if you belong to any of the categories above, then you would love this GPS Forex Robot Review

I’ve personally been using GPS Forex Robot for a while, and I tell you what.. I’m loving it.

But the truth is I didn’t really have any separate account strictly for the EA alone at the beginning, so it has always been on my live account that I also trade manually. But few weeks ago, I had to open some accounts, and bought some extra licenses and plug the EA on them, just for me to proof that this really works for you because one thing with me is I don’t promote any product that I have not tasted or using personally.

As at the time of writing this review, I have 3 licenses of GPS Forex Robot and all the accounts are doing well.

GPS Forex Robot does not open gazillion trades in a day , in fact most of the times, it would be just one trade, in my own case (EURUSD out of the four currency pairs that the EA trades) and I’ve always had winning trades with it.

9 out 10 trades have been profitable.

The image below shows proof of GPS Forex Robot took a $8,000 account (opened in April 15, 2010) to over a million Dollar right now (actually 1.5 million Dollars as at the time of writing this review)

Many of my Students and Clients have reached out to me asking me if I could recommend any Forex robot that is cheap, and profitable. Set and forget , not the one that will need continuous tweaking of the settings.
I am glad to announce that this is the answer to their requests.

GPS Forex Robot is a Forex trading software designed and developed by Mark Larsen and his two partners – Anthony and Ronald. Mark named his robot after a GPS navigator because like any GPS device, it can predict small movements with high accuracy.

This review will focus on the latest version of the software – GPS Forex Robot 3.

GPS Forex Robot has a one-time fee of $149 USD. This is slightly cheaper than most Forex trading robots out there.

Once you complete your purchase, you will get access to the member’s area with tutorial videos. The GPS Forex Robot is easy to install but if you are total green and you purchase through my private link here, you could reach out to me directly and I will help you with the setup.

Money Back Guarantee

If for any reason you are not satisfied with the GPS Forex Robot, you can ask for refund within 60-days of your purchase. But in my ten years of knowing this EA, the refund rate is very and I mean very low. That’s how you would know that it simply works.

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What I love most about this Expert Advisor

*GPS Forex Robot does not require a broker registration. This means you can trade with any broker you want.
*You are not required to deposit hundreds of dollars before being able to use the EA. You can use this with just a $100 Forex account
*The user-interface is newbie friendly, and newbies can easily understand the process of trading with the robot.
*Trusted and has good credibility online.
*Has a stable performance since launching.

Broker Choices

You can use the GPS Forex Robot with any Broker with MT4 Platform. The Vendor recommends FX Choice, but I have tested with 4 other Brokers and they are all doing well.

Trading Frequency

As mentioned earlier, over 90 percent of the days you would have just one trade (that’s what I have had with it and the trade mostly open at the beginning of Asia market.


If you are not looking for a “get rich quick Forex robot but a “get slow” trading software then I would recommend this Forex Advisor for you.
Once again, if you have any issue setting it up or need me to help you with my settings, reach out to me via WhatsApp (+12144406099)
Thanks for your time and I hope this review has helped you to decide that GPS Forex Robot is right for you.

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