So today we going to be looking into the topic;  Forex trading and the students. Okay. How you as high school student or college students, how you can combine it with Forex trading, how can you trade Forex Because many people ask me that question.

Awesome. Awesome. So welcome back. So I’m in students. Can I trade Forex? I’m a student how can I trade forex? I’m  schooling, can I trade Forex? All of these questions I get and as I said, I’m going to be addressing it this week. So there’s no, yes or no response to that question. There’s no black and white response to that question.

The first question that we ask you, is as students, do you have extra source of income What is it time that you have with you Because if you are a student, you don’t have an extra time, then definitely it will be tough for you to trade Forex. You know, with Forex trading is just like any other business you need discipline you need time, even though, you know, most of the times you don’t need more than one to two hours a day, but do you have this time.

Okay. Do you have this time at your disposal then your psychology, how mentally sound are you?  Okay then also we need to understand that when you’re talking about being a student, depends on your geographical location. If you are a student’s in a country like Nigeria, whereby you have to struggle you have to do a lot of things to keep up. Even with academic pressure, it could be tough.

Okay. It could be tough then, but let me rewind a little bit. I remember very well, 2006, when I was introduced to Forex trading, the guy that organized that seminar then in Legos was actually a students. The guy was a, I think that guy was going to LAUTECH – ladoke akintola university of technology. he guy was doing good, but I later discover that he himself was not trading. Then it was just making this money, you know, by teaching people.

And of course the guy was driving Mercides Benz then, even as a student. So I, everything boils down to your lifestyle. What is kind of lifestyle you have, if you are a student and you are sources of income, you are very stabilized lifestyle. You have that time at our disposal. Of course, why not You can trade forex.

You know forex trading have a three major market sessions. And all you have to do is just pick which ones want to trade. For example, if you are a student, definitely during the day, you are busy studying. So you could wake up at the middle of night. If you are in United States, you want to trade London session, then you will call by 3:00 AM. Eastern time in Dallas. Yeah. Central time. That would be 2am central time.

So you could trade between two to four, as long as it’s not competing with your studies. And maybe if you have a studies, you have a test. You offer exams tomorrow and live on right now with coronavirus pandemic. Everybody, most students are actually studying online. So studing online and trading forex at the same time could actually be conflicting.

Okay I mean conflict each other. But if you, if you can multitask, if you can balance your life, I mean, just like many people ask me that, okay, I’ll do I do it You are a pastor. You are a father. You are, you are, you are husband. Your coach, you are a mentor. I mean, you are, y’all doing involving, targeted walks, doing a lot of, and by the way, if you are watching this video today or Saturday, okay.

And you happen to be in our neighborhood this morning, we grew up doing our food truck program. At church, make sure you come, if you don’t need it, if you don’t need the food, you can give it to somebody. Okay. Just, just on, just an art. There’s an intro to that. Okay. So this morning by 12, 12 to three o’clock we are going to be at the church, our food truck, we prepared for 300 family. That’s one of the things you can also do.

Okay. If by the time you, you want to give out to community, you don’t have to be pastor to do that. Okay. So, okay. Anyway, so let’s go back to our topic as a student, you need money, okay. By now you guys know my stance. If you want to trade Forex, don’t put your livelihood on that account.

If you put your livelihood on that account, you are going to be losing money. Why Because you, you you’ll be trading with a lot of emotion. You’ll be trading with a lot of passion. You know, you will be trading with a lot, a lot of pressure because all your livelihood have inputs. You want to pay your bills. You want to pay your school fees about if you have somebody taking care of all of that for you definitely you can’t trade forex.

So I don’t know if this makes sense to you, but I’m just trying to keep it real with you. Okay many students I’ve even got in touch with me. They will be asking, okay, can I trade forex with $20? Can I trade forex with $50? I don’t know how that sounds. I don’t know how much you want to make from that. Because trading Forex with, just $20 account.

You can burn that account within five seconds. Okay. $20. I mean, pretty much. It’s not even enough to treat the nano accounts. If I would have commented open, it is serious is serious. Trading account is serious when I mean serious for a student. Well, let’s shoot towards $250, $250. I mean, don’t see margin. Don’t, don’t treat Forex as one of those side hustle. Okay.

You don’t do free. Don’t treat forex as one of those side hustle. Also, you want to treat Forex okay. As a business. And I don’t think there’s any business. You can start with $20. And I don’t think there’s any business. You can start with $20. So, but that’s okay. You, you have up to $200. You are up to $250 and you want to start trading. And you know what First of all, remember that you need to invest in yourself.

Okay This is more than you just start account with $20. It’s more than you just have to account with $50. The first of all, the first of it okay. Is the money that you need to invest in yourself. You cannot learn forex by dumping from one video to another on YouTube. You cannot learn Forex by reading those at $7 or $12 udemy’s course you cannot be a master of forex.

So if you, if you find that anybody that I’ve done that successfully, yeah, come on. You’re free to show it to me. Okay. That was the mentality I have before. You know, lottery mentality, freebie mentality. Just try to, you know, grasp from here and there and at the end of the day, what is going to do is, you will end up confusing yourself. Okay. You will end up confusing yourself.

You’ll watch video a talk about this strategy. You watch video B talk about this. So all you need, you need a mentor. And to be honest with you, I’m one of the cheapest, cheapest, cheapest forex coach and mentor. I know. Okay. Even as far back as 2006, when I hired myself, a coach from South Africa just for one week it costs, it costs me a fortune. It’s cost me a fortune.

It’s cost me closing down all my bank accounts. It costs me taking loans. I remember when I was doing contribution. And I, I was their contribution. And of course, I mean, I spent a fortune talking about 2006. Okay So not now. So you need to invest in your education desk. And the thing you’ll get from this video today is that; Number one, as a student, you can trade forex, but it depends on your lifestyle.

It depends on the time that you have at your disposal. It depends on who is paying your bills. If you are the one paying your bills and you want to put all your, all your livelihood or all your responsibility on that Forex account, you going to lose the account any way, you going to burn it out. But if you have somebody let’s say you’re a student and your parents are responsible for paying your school fees. They are paying your tutions.

They are the one paying your rent and you just have that extra cash. Of course, why not You can trade forex. Okay. So my friend by now, you know that every week we pick a winner from those that leave comments below our video. So go ahead, subscribe to this channel. If you have not. And they’re like this video share or your Facebook profile, send me an email to Who knows you could be the next winner of 7,500 naira or equivalent on Monday. Okay. I look forward to see you one of these days or suddenly it shoots me on email. You say, thank you forex apostle for that nugget that help you out. Okay. And get the rest of your weekend.