In this video, I’m going to be showing you how I accidentally mistakenly made over $60,000 trading EUROUSD this month of June. Yeah, it’s good. Look, it’s still a surprise to me myself and I’m going to be showing you how it all happen. It started from may 30th last month where we set our goal for the month. I’m going to be showing you how we did that and how you can copy the same thing to make the same thing happen for you.

You know, everything you want to do is start from goal setting. You have to see it before it happen. If you can seat, it cannot happen. I remember when we wanted to buy hour home we were looking for houses, different places. but because we had to work with what we wanted to buy in mind and we have everything on paper. Most of the realtors we are working with thought we were not serious.

In fact one actually abandon and forgot about us. You know, I remember very well when we started working with the realtor that eventually got our home for us, you know the very first day he texted me the address of this place and we came over there. I was outside of the building. I was smiling and he said, brother Adegbola, why are you smiling I said, this is my house. He said why?

I said, because I have see it and I’ve said it. This is our house. Despite all the ups and own, after one year of possessing the house, we finally bought it. When I was in Nigeria I was living in, is not even one bedroom. It’s not even a room self contain. It is just a small room. And my wife and I we sat down on the mattress like all this twin-bed mattress. And we design where we wanted to settle, where we are going to settle.

And we designed United State of America , I remember very well. I draw a plane and put destination in front of it – which is USA. And after 12 years of playing visa lottery , it finally came to pass. I relocated here. Now when I was doing network marketing I remember then I wanted red Ferrari so bad that I draw red Ferrari eventually I didn’t get ferrari- the red one. But when I join MOBE I got red benz.

So with the same concept I’ve used over and over and over in everything. When we were trusting God for fruit of the womb all we just designed, I remember we were asking God for a set of twins- a boy and a girl. And when God wanted to answer us, HE give us what we exactly what we asked for. So the same principles, the same concept I applied in my business. So I’m the same thing. I also teach my students. So at the beginning of every month, get up together. We get together on that.

We do what we call brainstorming, mindseting and goal settings session. Let me play the one we had last and I will come up to round up this video. ” this is what I would do for myself by HIS grace. I have different account. For one of one of my accounts my go for this month by his grace for June. Okay. This, is my goal is $20,000. My goal is $20,000 for an account. That’s of course I have about $60,0000 in that .

So the other accounts that I have a $2,000 on

My goal for this account is I’m trying to take it to $3,000. And their is another account that I have $1,000.

Now my own figure, my own goal is bigger than what I ask you guys to do. Not because I see myself as a super hero, but because permit me to say that I know what I’m doing a little bit. Okay. So this one, the goal is to take it not to be too much to 1,200. So the 1,200 right here, this is 20%. This one. Yeah. I’m shooting towards 50% actually. this one is a little bit stressed. I want you to that’s like, 50% of this is thirty. So around 33.33.3% So that let’s just say 30%. So that’s the goal. So invariably 23, 24,002. So plus extra that comes from commission from one product or the other that I promote, selling of my software, coaching, blah, blah, blah, blah. So the goal generally for the month of June, I think $30,000 should be ok.

So the question I would not be okay, so what do I do to make this happen. Number one, the strategy I adopt to trade for this is london open market. So what’s my goal, my goal is focus. It does everything I’ve talked to guys. So if my goal let’s walk with this, I liked those shoots to the moon. Even if I don’t get to the moon, at least I still landed in the star, right? if I land in the star, what do they call me, they call me stardom. Right!

So 20,000 a month would be how much a week. I need somebody to help me here. That will be $5,000 a week. because all of you, you are my accountability partner. I apologize to any of your that might think posting some of the thing to the group is intimidating, I am not intimidating you,seriously, it just blow your mind that this is to see what is possible. This guy making this doesn’t have two head.

You also can’t make it up. That’s the whole goal I don’t need to show it to you, it doesn’t make any sense.Somebody have told me before, say pastor is that not showing off, how could bible support it, I said really,even Moses bosses, these people will not believe me. They don’t see, so give me a sign. I’ve fought many time with my wife, my wife will say, that’s why they keep disturbing you from Nigeria, i say that’s their problem.

I give you all that I have. I overlook the one I don’t have. (second person) “Jesus christ said, that you want us to make the student as good as his master) Yes, sir. So 5,000 pounds a week. Well, that would be how much by day four, five trading days. Don’t be 1000 guys. This is, this is doable. This is easy. Please hold me accountable. I report it to you. So when you have somebody that you report to it make the journey also easy for you. Not people that will criticize you. Not people that will say, shame on you. Y’all be you, but people that will say common you have tried. You need a cheerleader. You need people that will applaud you while you are working.Okay You don’t need people like Joseph’s brother you, your life is okay.They will still push you to your palace anyway.

So make sure that even in this group.if it is somebody who somebody that you are accountable to it will help you. So now $1,000 a day and I will be trading.Ofcourse am trading standard lotsize with this. So I’m in the pips is this. This would be 100 pips, a day on one lotsize, 1.0 standard lotsize and of course I’m not trading standard lot-size on these accounts. As you can see, most of the times I even trade 10.0 lotsize. So it therefore mean that with 10.0 lot size. That was 10.0 lot size. All I need is 10 pips to make $1,000. 

Okay. So now with $1,000 and my goal, you see, as I told you, I’m focusing on london breakout to trade this. London session moves between 50 to 150 pips every day. So my goal is just to capture 40 pips. I don’t need too much. Just 40. Even not up to the minimum the market move.

Welcome back. So as you see from that video, you see that everything starts from the goals that you set. You have to set your goal and your goal have to be, I call it a smart goal. Your ask to be smart, to be smart, to be smart, you have to be specific. Okay As a Forex trader, now you are starting a new month. How much do you want to make next month. How much do you want to make per month. Then you break it down into a week, than you break it down to per day. That will  drive you. That will be the force that wake you up every day to drive you. Then when are you talking about your smart goal, your goal has to be measurable.

It has to be measurable. You don’t just say, okay. Yeah. I want to make money from forex this month. How much money you want to make? And Of course it has to be assignable. Okay. What are the action that you have to be taking What are the actions that you have to be taking to make this goal a reality, for example, like, me, I have, I almost have busy days. So the best session for me to trade is london  open market. After trade swing. I, I love London, session. So assignable, the actionable, you know, or you can put these actionable goal has to be actionable. what are the things you have to do to make this actionable. Then it has to be realistic. Okay Your goal has to be realistic. If you have not make $10 trading before don’t set that goal to make one million.

Am a man of faith. I’m a man of God. I believe in faith. I believe that you can go up by third dimension, fourth dimension but your goal has to be realistic. And of course it has to be timed, found time bound. You have to put time on it. Okay And that is why I’m creating this goal. Now we’re moving to the next month. So you need to set your goals, how much you want to make next month, how much you want to make per week, how much you want to make per day. And in case you are watching this video and you don’t even have a clue you don’t know what you are talking about. You want to make money, you’ve been hearing about the kind of money being made in forex and you don’t know how to get started, am inviting you to forex manifesto where I will be exposing and revealing 9 proven ways to make a fortune from forex market.  

If you don’t have time to trade there are other ways by which you can make money. Okay and I’m going to be exposing this on this presentation so free three hours training with me. Go to I look forward to see you all on it. Once again, if this is the first time you’re visiting us, don’t forget to subscribe to this like this video, share this video with your friends on Facebook. Of course, send me an email to you might be the next winner of our palliative gift. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.