Right On this video, we’re going to be looking into dealing with negative people around you, dealing with negative people around you. As a trader, as a Forex trader, as a business owner about you have all these negative people, negative energy around you. What do you do to handle them How do you handle them That is what we are going to be talking about right on this video.

So now talking about negative people, there’s nothing you can do in order to stop them. You cannot stop them and there is no way to avoid them. They are everywhere. it doesn’t matter whether you are a Forex trader or not. There will always be negative people. But the thing is, what do you do as a trader What do you do for yourself But let me ask you this question real quick.

When you go out to the Forex, are you trading for them or you’re trading for you, there are two types of negative people, nonsupporting people. There are two types. There are some that are family members. Those are very difficult to deal with, but the outsider ,the non family members common now, it is easy for dealing with them because first of all, you are not in business for them, no matter what to do, they are going to criticize it, you know, and come to think about it.

It’s not really their fault. Most of them wish they could do what you are doing. Most of them wish they could just be making the kind of money you are making, or have the kind of ambition that you have. Most of them don’t really understand what you are doing. They don’t understand. Even as an entrepreneur, as a Forex trader, even when I was fully into online marketing, it took me even awhile to, you know, explain what I’m doing even to my wife.

So now, I mean, I thank her for my wife, very, very, very supportive, very, very supportive. She supports everything. Every move I make. She even when I didn’t believe in myself, even when I doubted myself, even when I don’t think I will make it, she kept believing as she still believed in me. In fact, my wife set aside one day in the week.

He took me away for me to know that she set aside one day in a week that she uses for fasting, just to pray for me for my success. So it’s very rare. Most, most many people don’t have that kind of a support. So let’s say for example, you have all these people are under you and of, for the door, the standard wardrobe playing, you know, Forex traders or online business owners.

Generally, I’m going to focus more on Forex because that is my niche. People don’t understand what we do because That’s not what we do because we kind of, we look weird to them. You know, we are awake when they are sleeping. For example, I woke up like a 12, 12:30 AM. You know to catch Frankfurt market before London market. That is where most people would be sleeping. So, if you now find me sleeping, when many people are busy at work it will look somehow, you know you like, Oh, this guy is lazy.

This guy doesn’t want the walk. Oh, this guy but then they  don’t do it. That’s fine. Then some of them would tell you, come on, get real, go get a job. They’ll tell you, go get a better job because they don’t understand the kind of money that you can make as a, as a Forex trader. You know that for instance, just yesterday, you know, I made over $3,000, trading forex. Many people make that in a day, okay.

From their regular job, how many people make that in a day from their regular job this week. So far, I’ve made over $10,000 this week. How many people make it up in a month. Now, did I get there overnight, no, there are times even when I didn’t believe in myself. There are times where, of course I will spend the money of my bills days. I mean, money I supposed to spend to settle bills out.

I will spend those money on resources or materials. I remember those days I would cry and cry and cry that this thing must work, this thing must work. Then I discover a scripture that makes me to understand it is God that gives me power to get wealth.   I remember back home in Nigeria when I was working, imagine working, making forty three thousand naira okay.

And you have to spend over one hundred and fifty thousand naira., on a seminar, five hours seminar. Many people criticize my decision. Many people’s scolded me I remember a very good friend then that we were working together in the bank. This guy practically told me that, Hey, Synnex, if you don’t, if you don’t get rich, if you don’t have money, he says, even me that is referring to himself.

He said you would. And we challenge God on my behalf because they saw the desperate as it is sold the commitment in me. So now tell me, talk to you where you have all this negative people around you. and especially when you have told them, okay, you are going to make money or you are ready to make money and this and that . And em They, they’re making jest of you. They are, they are mocking you.

They are telling you, I thought you said you going to make money . You know all you have to do is just. So all you have to do is just ignore them. Okay. All you have to do is to ignore them , ignore them focus on your success or your success Don’t you don’t really need to look into them. You just, have to focus on your success, and make sure that you get results. When you get results.

Theirs what is called the mocker  lock down result. You know, where you get the results. That even most of them will come back to you to B, to B, to be learning from you most up them will come back to you , they will be asking you, how is it working for you. They come back to you. You know the truth of the matter is that is they are everywhere. Either is in ministry, in career, in business, there are a lot of sanballat and tobiah.

In fact they call me names. but I don’t really care. Then I remember very well before the you know, it went my very good friends. Some of them, it was later they come back to confess to me.   Do I say who, brother Adegbola, is because he still is too young is because it’s not 40 years old when he’s 40, he will get real. But instead of getting real, I was getting more, more weird to them.

You know, you see what I have to just tell you is you have to prove yourself, right You don’t need to prove anybody’s wrong. You don’t need to prove anybody wrong. Even if it is more walking right now, you have to make sure you are committed to your success. You know someone define commitment as a ability to do what you say you will do long time after the mood you said it I’ve left.

You, you know, long time after the mood, you said it. You know, as I remember when, when, you know, I went to buy this car, my wife was at home. You know, she went to work and there were driving was it 2006 Sienna. And before she came from work have change it for 2012.

It’s one of those things you do. It’s one of those thing you spent , you spent your money on, when you, when you make money, you, you will prove yourself. Right. You will choose yourself. Right So all I would just tell you is focus on the journey, focus on the process. Don’t look for any shortcuts, okay Because there’s no shortcuts.

Anyway, don’t look for shortcut and as you keep doing that focus, focus, to make yourself the success, to make yourself a success. and by doing that, you prove yourself right there. You prove them, okay You proved them wrong. You’ll put them on but. You can kill them. These people does wish they could do what you are doing. They don’t understand you, they are sleeping when you are awake. You are awake when they are sleeping. many people have gone to work, possibly you are at home.

I mean, it’s, they don’t just understand. But the thing you can do, you know, sometimes even scared of myself. Like when I see people they’ve gone out and all our streets everywhere, it’s just quiet. And thank God. I’m always busy. If I’m not creating video like this trade, if I’m not trading, I’m training. If I’m not training, they want one or the other. So I’m kind of busy all day.

But in this situation by me, do you, maybe you live in an apartment and people see you lock your door every time or your indoor all the times. They don’t know what to drink. Okay however, haven’t said all of that you cannot replace lazyness with being busy. There’s different between you. Okay Involving in income producing activities as a trader, as an online business owner. But if you are just,considering you are taking forex as hobby.

Then you proved them, right Because there’s nothing. You would make nothing off of it. Boy, if you treat this as business, you commit to it, you commit yourself to the success. , that’s, we will come a long way with it. I tell you, those people will come back to you , they said, wow, we never knew you.

The song you will now be singing at that particular time is I’ve never knew you will favor me this way. I never knew you will favor me this way. favor me this way, favor me this way. I never, I knew you will favor me this way. As you favor me this way. Thank you, Jesus. That is when you are getting result. Then you will sing that song. And I decree over you as your apostle that you you will sing a new song. You will testify in the mighty name of Jesus. Thank you so much for watching this video.

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