So on this video, we’re going to be talking about how to grow your small Forex account.  Just yesterday I give my VIP students an assignment on that from the feedback I got from them. I told myself, you know what It is very, very impressive You know, to grow your small accounts start with having a very good mindset.

Okay with proper goal setting. When you set correct goal, you will definitely get there. But what many people do is that they start Forex trading with gambling mentality, with high risk mentality or yield interest mentality. Once you start with that, definitely it might start working for you at the beginning, but before you know it, it will start wounding you. Okay I thought this is why many people lose their account.

Remember over 90% of Forex traders or forex traders wannabe lose over 90% of the accounts within the first 90 days of them getting started. I don’t want your case to be like that. And that is why I’m creating this video. It’s going to be a little bit longer than usual videos of make sure that you watch this video to the end.

Okay Even the big gurus, I mean, someone like Warren Buffett makes about 20% return on investment in a year. So what makes you thinking that you are smarter than him No. So what most people do when they come to Forex is okay, they start for extra day with $400 and they want to make $1,000 from that account. You have a hundred dollars account.

Do you want to make $1,000 a month from that same account this will not work. Okay. So I would say it’s can’t work. This will not work. Okay. Because when you look at this, even 10%, 10% return on your investment on this, okay. We’ll give you a hundred dollars. Oh, sorry. $10. So with 10% ROI giving you at the end of that month, if you have $110 in your account, I tell you what you done great. Over 90% traders actually lose money and less than 5% of forex traders makes 20% ROI on their investment in a year.

And yeah, not in a month, not in a day. But many people start forex trading they want to make 20% daily. Okay. That doesn’t work for the long term. Okay. It could start working when you are dealing with a smart account like $100, but by the time this account start growing is going to start getting you injured. That is exactly why we are creating this video.

Okay. So let’s I have, let me show you. Okay. So I created this excel sheet. Okay. So let’s assume that you are a hundred dollars in your account. If you have $100 in your account and you are risking 1% on every trade. So downfall means that you will be risking one, $1 on every trade, every single trade you please. And if you are risking 2%, that makes it that you be risking $2 on every trade.

If you are, this can walk far. I mean, if you are risking 1%, and you go for 1.5 You know I mean, I don’t do one to one risk to reward ratio. I do at least one to 1.5 or one to two or one to three, risk to reward ratio. Okay. We’ll talk about that later. Well, assume, you are risking a $1 in pursuit of 1.5 return on your investment. It means on this trade, you will be making $1 50 cents.

It doesn’t make sense, right It look like, well, what is this body Remember You are average of 20 trading days in a month. So if let’s assume you did not use any trade for that month. At the end of the month, you will make $30 dollars. This would be 30%. Okay. This will be 30% return on your $100 investment. Even in a month, that is still huge. If you keep these up I tell you, at the end of like one year, two years, three years, you discover that you are in money that you are your money. But what must people also do is that they want to start and account and they want to start withdrawing from it immediately or starting next month.

Instead of you withdrawing from account, you should actually have mentally of you reinvesting back to the accounts. I’m going to create another video on that. How to grow reinvesting into your account and grow it into a million dollars. Okay So let’s assume you now have $500 account. And you are risking 1%.

You’ll be risking $5. Of course, if you go for 1.5 return on investment, you are making $7.50 in a day, in a month you will be making $150 in this account. It therefore means that month one you have $500 in your account. Month two you account will be $650, month three it will continue growing like that because of compound interest. So if your account is $10,000 and you are still risking 1%, and remember this is the template that you follow.

You risk the same a month even if your account hundred, thousands or one million unlike when you start growing an account and you’re just scalping, you are just gambling, you are not trading, right If you do have a template like this to work with. If your account is $10,000, we are risking 1%. So you will risking $100. escape on grant dollars. And of course, at the end of the day if you are going for 1.5% return on your investments.

You’ll be making like one $150 a day. So I would say yet, because we’re working with, you are working with a very good mindset. And at the end of the month, you make $3,000. If you’re making $3,000 from $10,000 account, that’s very good. That’s a very good return. And of course, that can continue. Okay. So let me show you another thing that I came across and I think you should know. So let’s assume. You start an account with $100 and you have this account with 30% return monthly, on your investments just as we have demonstrated, at the end of 12 months, your accounts, $2,329.

And remember you start that with $100 dollars. Okay. Remember you start out with what? $100. but at the end of the year, you will be adding $2,329. Looking at this, the end of the first month, you will have $130. At the end of second month you will have $169. At the end of the third month you will have $219. So start with the end goal in mind. Okay.

You start with the end goal in mind. Okay. So let’s increase this, the same $100 account with 30% monthly return which is not too common like 1 to 2% of forex traders that in a month. Okay. But let’s just work with that. Based on the example I give before. So in two years, which will be 24 in two years, you will be oven at the end of the two years. You will have $54,000 in your account. Okay. And let’s jump to five years. At the end of 5 year, which would be 60 months.

You look at this, look at this place right here. You see, this is what we’ll talk about. When we power of compound interest you see for the first, almost 24, 36 months, it’s like the account is not growing, but it’s growing small, small, small, all of his in experiences, this exponential growth – that is how success works. Many people always think that success is like this. No success sometimes is like these, go off, come down, go off, go off. And that is success. Because in life you win some, you lose some, but what makes you grow What keeps you going is your winning must be more than you’re losing.

Okay. So now in 60 months, you have over $6 million in that account that you started with $100 now, why is it that many people don’t get this kind of result Because you know, many people cannot about one exercise. Patients, you know,delayed gratification, people want immediate response, immediate return. so now let’s come back. Let’s start this account with $1,000. I’m sticking to the same 30% monthly, which, remember I said, it’s not common. I actually teach my students pay 10%. 10% return is a very good in a month. So now $1,000 at the end of the first month, you will be having, $1300 in your accounts at the end of the first month, The second month $1600 plus, at the end of third month $2100 plus. And so on and so forth. So at the end of two years, okay, this is what to have you will have over $540,000.

That’s half a million dollars with the accounts that you start with $1,000 growing monthly, just the way I have described, risking 1% or 2% of your account of your account. Okay So what happens in three years? In three years, you are cross over the million dollars. Okay Many people don’t believe this is possible, but if you don’t believe it’s not possible, it will never happen to you. Okay blessed are thou that believeth.

Okay, even they you’ve not seen it, if you believe it and, you know, that everything is possible person, that belief, then this also would be very, very possible for you. So I gave my students, as I said, assignment to share their goals with me. And then of course, this is the first one. And looking at these. And of course, I believe there’s no name here. So, nobody should take this personal, but it’s just for educational purpose.

if your account is $500, and your monthly expectation is $400 . This is way too high. It miss you are targeting 90% return on these. So what would happen is you will be over leveraging this account. You’ll be over leveraging. You will be doing a lot of revenge trading. You will be forcing a lot of trade. You’ll be forcing. A lot of trades, even when the set up is not correct. You will be forcing trade. You will be attaching a lot of emotion. Okay A lot of emotional with this account because you will be over leveraging this account.

Then your weekly return, you are expecting $100 and daily expectation is $20 on this account based on what we have described, I will be expecting if you are risking, if you risking, let’s come back there. $500 account daily. I will be expecting $7 50 cents if you are targeting 1.5 return on your investment. And if you are targeting, 2.5 return, that will be $12, if you are targeting 3%. That would be $15. So $20 daily is way way up. As I said it is possible when you are starting off. But when you are going to wound yourself nobody will tell you because you just get used to it.

It’s called dump money. Just like casino, you know, brokers or the big boys, the big banks, we allow you to be winning at first. Because of course you have small money. Well, they going to hit that your account. Ask me, I have lost $72,000 in the day before. Okay. I mean, the reason why you are hearing from me, you are listening to me. Yes. Because I’ve been trading this for more than 10 years. I’ve lost money and I’ve made a lot of money and I’m telling you from experience. If you listen to me, one of these days, you will take now for dinner.

Okay So that’s it for these first one. The second person is this, this one also, this is your goal. the account is $250, daily target is $10, weekly $50, monthly $200. It’s still reasonable but at the same time its the same thing. It means 90%. This is also too way, way up. The last person before around of this video, the account is this; $2,200 and your monthly goal is $2,000. You want ot have 100%. You want to double this account in a month. It is possible. I have done it before I can do it again. I have started on account with $5,000 within a month. I grew the account to $10,000.

I started another account that I challenged myself. I started with a hundred dollars and within one day I grew this account to around $225. Okay. So it is possible when you are just starting scouting but remember, you don’t want to start what you cannot continue. So that is why when you trade with no risk of the long time mentality, then of course at the end of the day you will look back, thank God for that journey, but you don’t want to burn your account easily. Isn’t it.

So looking at this, this is also too way too much weekly go $500, daily goal $100, if you are working with these, this also is too much. Okay. My friend if you are watching and you have not liked it, like it, subscribe to this channel, hit the bell so that you’ll be informed when next we upload new video. And of course I want to invite you to for free 21 days, forex trading masterclass free one there’s four extra the master class. Just go to FX. is free of charge. Nothing you are not paying a dime. Okay. This is just part of our covid-19 relief package for you. Okay. Thank you so much for your time. And I will see you tomorrow. My friend.