In this video I’m gonna be showing you how to open a Forex demo accounts. Our demo account is like you said, dummy account. Okay. And I tell people, I tell my students that before you go live, make sure that you are demo traded at least for two months.

Okay. Know what you are doing I see many newbies, new people coming to forex trading. And once they see  a system, once the buyer a  system or a software and they start trading, they put in life morning.

And of course, no wonder over 90% of people in Forex lose money and you don’t want to be among data statistics. So make sure that you demo trade first before you go live. So how do you open a demo account You can go to any Forex broker of your choice, but have created a video on how to select a good Forex broker.

Make sure you, you know, pause this video, look into description of this video. If you are watching this on YouTube and, you know, watch the video first before you continue with this, you know, I talk about seven things, seven factors that you need to consider before you select any Forex broker. And the broker that I use personally is FX choice. To join this, you can go to And I will also put the link below this video so you can create a demo account there.

And now do you do that Once you get to the website, you will see it does like this are, you can read through the website, read through the regulations. There are terms, be sure that you are okay with it. Then click on open demo account. Okay Once you click on open demo account, another page is going to come up. Then all you need to do is just fill out the information. Now, this is a warning.

When you are opening a demo account, made sure that you, you open your in accordance to how much you are going to be putting on your life account. Let me explain if you are good to be starting your Forex life account with $500, you don’t want to open a demo account and put $5 million there. So if you’re going to be open, if you going to be is starting your Forex trading with $1,000, then when you are opening your, your demo account, you put $1,000 there.

So you don’t that because, Oh, this is a demo and you can treat it anyhow. No. And I always tell my students that you don’t go live. If you have not started making money on demo. So, the make sure that this is very, very important. So what to do you put in your full name, you put in your email, address, your password, you check here and you click next.

Once you do that, it will take you to where you put your telephone number on registration is the same process with life. The only difference is with demo, of course you are using brokers money. It’s fake money. It’s dummies money. Okay. The only difference is you cannot withdraw it. Okay. So my friend, I hope you get that. And if you have any question, you can always comment below this video or you can send me a message on the, of course, if you are a member of any of my programs out there, you know, out of get in touch with me.