Hello my friend, this is Emmanuel Adegbola a.k.a ‘the forex apostle’. I want to welcome you to this video. I really do want to appreciate you for stopping by, you know, to see this video. So today we are going to be looking into one of the questions that I get a asked most of the time. The question is; can I still treat forex even if I do have a job? Okay, so how to trade Forex without a stable source of income or how to trade Forex without a job. So that’s what we are going to be looking at in the minutes. Now before we do that, if this is the first day that you are watching this video, did the first time I need you to subscribe to this channel right now, hit the button that hit the bell so that the next video upload, of course you would get notified.

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Okay. So, how to trade Forex without a job. And man, it’s tough and I will keep this real with you, okay.

If you want to trade Forex and you don’t have a stable source of income, you are going to be losing your trades, you are going to be losing money, why, because that will be so much emotion attached with your trade.

I mean if you are trading and all your livelihood depends on the money you make from Forex, then you going to be trading with so much fear because by the time you place a trade, you will be praying to God, you know, it’s like I think you are putting all your livelihood on that particular trade.

That will lead to you over leveraging. That will lead to you trading when it’s not even convenient to trade because it’s not everyday that you’ve got to trade.

And of course there will be so much emotion, they’ll be so much emotion. So what I tell people that wants to trade forex is please have a stable source of income no matter how small it is. Then you can start your Forex career, first trading career, then grow it, but without a job.

Okay, let me rewind a little bit. It’s possible you don’t have a job, but you have is stable source of income. Maybe somebody is footing your bills. Then you can trade for safety.

For example, his and wife, a wife wants to trade forex and the husband is the one working paying all the bills, so the wife can be trading full time because somebody is paying the bills. Okay, husband wants to trade Forex and the wife is walking full time. At least somebody is bringing income to the home.

Maybe you ought to quit your job because I see people call me many times, okay, pastor, can I quit my job I want to. I want to. I want to start trading full time. You can’t just quit a job like that. Even if you are full time job, you can’t quit it.

You have to start making money from your demo, okay You have demo trading, first. Then you from demo account you transits to live account. Then you start making money from your life account and of course by the time the money you are making from your life account can replace your full time income, then you can now begin to think on our possibly quit your job and focus on the Forex trading full time.

I hope this makes sense. It’s bitter truth, but I’m just keeping it real with you. Okay Once again, I want to thank you for this, I mean for staying tune to this channel watching this video. So if you are not like this video, go ahead like it, right now, even what I said – you don’t like it. Still go ahead and like the video.

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