So right on this video, I’m going to be showing you how to withdraw from your, Forex account. But in this case, I’m going to be using fx choice. And ofcourse, I will show you how you connect both your coin based and your FX choice that comes together, how you transfer from one to another, then a little bit, and we’ll be talking about what do you do with the money that you make from your forex account. One of the reasons why I’m creating this video is because of heard some, you know, doubting Thomas-es that the oh the money is not real, oh it’s demo account, if forex apostle is really making that kind of money, then it should be flying your private jet. So that’s what I’m going to be showing you.

All right, so now am in my FXchoice account. I’ve withdraw to my wallet. So I’m going to be taking the withdraw from this account. So now what I’m going to do, as you can see the account number is 50211 as you can see right here. So I’m going to go to see withdraw. So they will draw a, you can’t withdraw to bank to Bitcoin, to XRP, but am going to be using Bitcoin. So what I’m going to do, this is the account I’m using.

So amount in account currency that I want to withdraw. So let’s see, I’m going to be withdrawing twenty two thousand dollars. so yeah, $22,000. So that gives us like a 2,000,367 bitcoin bit. Wow. So that is what I am going to be withdrawing right now. And I will get my Bitcoin address. I will paste it here and I will send request. So in order to do that and am going to head over to my Coinbase account and the Coinbase am going to be using my Bitcoin address.

So right now , I want to receive from FXchoice, am going to click on receive. Then am going to copy this address, this is the address that I want to use right now. You can see it’s copied. So grow, come back over here. And I’m going to paste right there. So once I paste it and I will send request, so once I send request, it asks me for my authentication to show that, okay, nobody’s trying to come in. So I’m going to enter my code 894 confirm. So once that is done is going, send me an email. Okay. Just is a double security level to show that, okay, you are the one that initiated this withdraw. So let me see. I believe I receive an email.

Okay. So I was actually trying to, you know, check if I’ve received the email to confirm it in my inbox sometimes due to traffic network and so many other factors, maybe before I finish this video, I must have received that confirmation email in my inbox. Then I will click on it for you to see. Now it will take around 24 hours that is after six confirmation to get, for the money to get to mine.

I mean, for the Bitcoin to get my Coinbase account, then of course I’ll transfer the Bitcoin to USD. And that take another, I think about 72 hours now because of the process and security in place, you know, a Coinbase, anytime you withdraw, you make a withdrawal from Coinbase or you transfer from Coinbase accounts right now. I think about last two, three weeks, they started that they going to hold that transaction for about 72 hours.

Now, what do you do with money You withdraw from your Forex account. Now it depends on you. You can use it to settle bills, but of course you need to know that this is business and you need to treat it as well. So as a person, if you know, little bit of me, you know, I’m not really that flambouyant person.

So what I’m going to do with money that I withdraw in from my account, number one I pay my tights. I then take care of my tax because that is capital gain. So I save money for that. And also take care of tights. Then of course, I treat my wife, treats my kids treat myself. So let’s say out of this $22,000, about 7,000 can go for that. Right So the men above about 15,000. So the 15,000 now without diversify like this, this now the stock market is of course is down.

So I diversified to stop buy some stocks, trade stocks, buy diversify your invest for a long time. Okay. So of course, some of you also invest into real-estate, I love real estate, but when I compare to Forex trading, I’d rather speak with Forex. So what I do is a trade Forex, the money I get from it, you know, stocks also take care of some States on what our businesses then of course, I’m an angle investors.

When I see some, maybe starting a startup businesses, that also one can be part of, you know, part of also we, you know, we invest into that. So also part of what you are also diversified too, is buying some cryptos, especially like Bitcoin, like repos, you know, talking about cryptocurrency right now and just like what Warren Buffet says, you zag when others are zigging and you zig when they are zagging. So like right now that people are not talking about cryptocurrency, especially Bitcoin, that is the best time to also invest.

You don’t have to buy too much does by small, small pip, you know, right now Bitcoin is just a little bit above nine thousand, right Both $9,000. a time is coming right now to get one Bitcoin. You will be almost a million dollars and write it down because it’s going to come to pass. It was just like yesterday when Bitcoin was like, Nope,ten cent, $1, $32, . I bought my first Bitcoin when Bitcoin was one thousands two hundred and something dollars, okay, now we’re talking about 9,000 plus. So that’s another area you can also diversify your income. So those are the things you can do with the money you make from your account. Now, why did I create this video Once again, as I’ve said, you know, a lot of people don’t believe that this is true. A lot of people don’t believe that this is real.

And then of course, before you sign up to be coached or be mentored by anybody you want to be sure that this person is trading the life account and not just demo, because there are a lot of people online, all, you know, it’s just, it’s just a trade with a demo account. They will be showing you, you know, this is what you have, these are what you have. So, I mean, by now you know go the minutes start that goes forward.

So I gain nothing by lying to you, or by trying to trick you to do anything. Having said all of that, please remember that this video is an information purpose only. And of course, for educational purpose. So this is not to entice you, not to do anything or to lure you to do anything, but just for you to know what is working for me. if you take action it could also work for you.

Okay. Also remember investing 101. Do not invest or trade with money you can not afford to lose. So if you are looking for someone that you can stand on his shoulder. Okay. Get straight to the point with doubts. You struggling, I’m struggling, I’m struggling. I’ve been treated for it since 2006, 2007. So when you pull it, you look into 13, 14 years of experience.

So if you don’t want to spend the next 10 years, 13 years trying to figure it out your way, the fastest and the easiest ways is to get a mentor. That’s shorten your learning curve. And that is why I’m here for you. So I’m inviting you to a special training, hosting this weekend and the training is going to be on nine ways which you can profit from forex. Okay. Now I think we have the email. So let me show you so you can see.

So this is the email now, you have, dear Emmanuel Adegbola, your withdraw details are as follow, as you can see this is the account number, this is the how much we have in the account, this is the how much we initiated, and of course we get an, a Bitcoin is going to say, please kick here to confirm. Click here and that is it right there. So, let’s see, your opinion matters to us. Are you happy with our trading. Yes. Are you satisfied with the quality?Yes. Will you recommend us to somebody? Yes.

I recommend FXchoice to you. If you want to join fxchoice to to that is my affiliate link.

Alright! So that is it. Now this is how you have it. Your request has been successfully confirmed and will be posted shortly.

Telling you about diversification. You can see stash. This is what I used for my stock as you can see document to one stock that I bought. I am going to be making you a separate video to show you my portfolio in stock. As I said I don’t trade stock. I invest in stock for long term purpose. Ok. for long term. 10 years. 15years, 20 years down the road.

Ok. I hope you’ve gotten one or two things from this video. If you have not subscribe to our youtube channel subscribe now. And like this video, leave your comment below. Any topic you want me to cover, kindly leave it below.