All right. So let me ask a quick question. Is forex trading really a game. I was discussing with a friend of mine on Facebook, as we were chatting, he told me, he said one of these days,  he think is going to get involved in this forex game. So initially I disagree that forex is not a game. I took it all. I took a step back  and I told myself, I said, wait a minute.

This is actually a game. What do you thing? this is actually a game. Forex is a game, you know, every game has a rule, rules to me. You know, in every games, either is one person playing it, but a game become more competitive when you have more than one person playing.  So like in forex, you have two set of people, two set of people playing the game.

We have the bears and we have the bulls, okay. On this particular time each of them are playing to dominate the market. So when the market is going up, it means the bulls, are the one winning at that particular time – the buyer are the one winning. That is why the market is going up. And when the market is going down  it means the bears are in control of the market.

So you, as stock trader, you as oct trader, you as a forex trader, or how it might be all . Now you start an account with $100, some people even $20, $500, $1,000, $10,000, even a million dollar. No matter how much you’ll have you are still playing the game because you are playing with big boys.

You know, in forex, we are forex players. We have the big boys, the big banks you know we have people like J.P morgan , you have people like George Soros, you know, playing in the same field with you. So most of the times you can’t really beat this people, all what you can do is to study the rule of the game and outsmart them.

You know, I remembered a movie that I saw a long time ago when I first came to the United States, that was, facing the giants, facing the giant. I loved that movie. In fact I still have it somewhere, by the way, I’m talking to you from my own office, you know, this is what I do for a living and ofcourse mentor others to do the same as a prophet.

And you also know that whatever we are doing here is just for educational purpose only, I’m not giving you any investment advice, you have obligation to make decision to change your mind. But it’s my own responsibility I have to share with you what is working for me. So Forex trading is a game. No matter what strategy you are using there must be a rule.

Okay. There must be rules. For example, one of my strategies that I trade. If I look right there, you will see, I write it does my sits right there, by the way, this is my office. This TV does for me to sometimes watch the news. Whatever is going on. I don’t need to increase the volume. The volume is low. I don’t know. Of course I have my laptops there where I have different charts open, get on the ofcourse right there.

So I have this rule. Okay. That’s that right there; buy the strength sell the weakness. It’s it reminds me all the time. So before I place any trade, I want to find out, okay, this currency, which is, which one is stronger which one is weaker, because in foreign trade, you do weaker currency against the stronger one. All you trade the stronger against the weaker one.  Okay So you buy the strength. You serve the weakness.

Okay I have that now for years. I write it also over there. as I’m facing, you know, I’m facing it am telling myself, okay, now always trade trade in the direction of the higher timeframe – it’s right there. That plan has been there for almost five years for trading using it – 1 minutes, five minutes. You know those are the rules. I write that also; always trade in direction of the trend.

So do these are the rules. Then when it comes to tradermatic, tradermatic has rules. What are the rules you follow before you buy the box must be bullish. The trendline must be bullish. They candle must be bullish. Your Mark deep promos be bullish. And of course, if you are using stochastic, it must be bullish. Now, when those five conditions are aligned together, then did you have a buying situation Then you will be looking for opportunity to go long. That is the rule.

Now, if you are looking to shot it therefore means that the box must be bearish. The trendline most be bearish. The price must be below our filter line, which is our yellow line. Then of course your mark d pro must be bearish. And if you are using stochastic, it also must be bearish. Okay Then you align that. If you are treading currency with what is going on on your currency, meater strength.

So once you have that, that is the rule you play by the rules. Okay If you are trading my new strategy, snipers strategies, which trades the break breakouts. Okay. London breakout sessions. There are rules that you follow. Okay. What do you know I mean, and how do you know that you should be going long. How do you know you should be going shut. You should be shutting. 

Okay. So these are the rules. I was about telling you about the movie, that movie, okay. Facing the giant, you know, this, all coach was struggling and the team was loosing. All of a sudden they redefined their strategy.the, the, our philosophy on that. Of course, one of the scene in that mo that I love most was where, where he told the team. He said, this people, they are bigger than ours. We cannot, you know, outplay them, but we can outsmart them.

I’m not saying he’s not a good man. I’m saying he’s not a good coach. Just look at the facts. We need new leadership.

The died again. Or thousands of couples who were unable to have children. I feel like there are giants of fear and failure staring down at me, waiting to crush me,

Her being afraid.

What’s the purpose of this team. Win ball games, winning football games, too small things to live for. We’re not here just to keep floor and make money. So I’m here to present you a new team philosophy. We need to give God our best in every area. And if we win, we praise him. And if we lose, we praise him. What are you doing This program’s going in the tank. You got a chance, man.

When you leave right now, I know you’re tired.

Like the aroma of your heart, your attitude stinks means your heart’s not right. How’s your attitude, bro. It’s fine. Then you’ll be okay with the death crawl, right

Come on down. You can’t win football games. If you don’t play together as a team,

We got the toughest schedule we ever had. And let’s tell it.

remember today. I want you to remember the two mountains, nothing back. You did not lose heart. You did not stop fighting. You did not.

We can outsmart them. So that is what we do in Forex. This big people, they have more money than you. I mean they have people, they pay full time, to trade for them. Of course you wouldn’t spend somebody like George sorrows to be waking up by 2am to be trading London opening session. hen especially somebody like Warren Buffett to sit down with computer and be trading all day. So these people, they have enough money or the positions to go for weeks, months. I live on sometimes years and the half that power one power. So you’ll come up with them when it pumps to cash. When it comes to buying and selling power will you’ll come out of smart.

most small pips for example, London Session usually  between 50 pip to 150pips. So you don’t have to go for 150pips, you can stay between 40 to 60pips. If you’ll commit 40 pips consistently every day, following your rules. Okay Within a year or two, you will be prosperous. You will be feeling okay, whatever you want to do. so for example, today’s, what’s today. I wouldn’t discount this Tuesday. So today’s Tuesday creating these video for me and these video for me and by my time. I’m very busy. Mind you, when you a Forex trader, sometimes it becomes boring because forex is doing same thing over and over, especially if you use one strategy that you trade. 

so in a lot of people said after like be creative  for example, somebody like me, I coach and mentor people. we have a full staff homes that are all, sometimes they have doctor’s appointments. I have to attend to the nurses.. thankfully these NPS, I tend to social workers, attend to doctors. of course I am a dad, am a pastor. And they’ll ofcourse sometimes attend to situations that are related to ministry. I don’t know. Still mid time live on the ward to study the ward, to prepare my son, to prepare for don’t we get messages , to create video like this. So you can imagine.

How one can just crash land. You know So Forex trading is a game, but are you playing to win all You are gambling. Okay Forex trading is not gambling but safe game. So once you understand what to do, and one of the things you can do is to invest in yourself. When you invest in yourself, you’re investing. I invest your money. You know I pity you if you are one of those people that just jump around on youtube looking for free videos yet You guys, I appreciate you. What you do, but at the same time, all of you listen, please pick one mentor, follow that mentor and digest all this information you watch. Not watching from this and that, you will be confusing. 

this one has some simple spelling formulas. This one has another rule. this one has another rule. and by the time you combine different different rules you will be confused. Okay So understand that forex trading is a  game and one of the things you must do is to play, to win. And that is why I want to invite you for my forex trading masterclass. Okay. He’s good in life webinar training with me this saturday June 13th .

If you are watching this video before then. I’m just going to be from 9am central time to 12 noon am central time will be 10:00 AM. Eastern time on that will be 3:00 PM. West Africa time nigerian time, london time. So there should be a link below this video – Click on it. Reserve your spot and lets hang together, hung out together on Saturday are there. Of course. See, okay. Once again, if you have not subscribed to this channel, who else besides free information additional for you, what you can do is click this video. Like it. Share it with your friends. God bless you. I will see you tomorrow.