Hello, my friend, what’s going on, this is emmanuel adegbola a.k.a forex apostle. And I want to welcome you to this video. Well I know we started the teaching series talking about the 12 technical indicators that you need to start avoiding on your MT4 platform.

And of course we didn’t create one yesterday and today also I’m not creating one because sometimes when we have questions that we need to address immediately, go ahead and address it. And that also goes to you. So if you have any questions or any topic you want me to treat, you know, in this video series, make sure that you just live it below. I mean, your comments below this video.

Okay. So, there was a question that someone asked me that, okay, Forex, apostle, when is the best time to quit trading Okay. This person has tried and tried or I mean, different strategies, different method , I mean, this person has been trading for even more than like five years I bought into him, but no profit. So when is the best time to quit for extra then Of course, that is why we titled this, that, okay. Check it out before you quit forex.

I remember when I started trading forex, of course I was introduced to Forex and I was, so excited, but I didn’t do my due diligence. I didn’t settle down to learn from whom I should learn from, you know, I mean , some of you, you must have had my story, how, I mean, funded, my account without demo-trading, I burnt my first account.

Okay. I thought maybe something was wrong with me or something was wrong with this suspend or something was wrong with the broker. I borrowed money again, funded another account, burnt it, borrowed money, funded another account and burnt it. 

And in 2006, I burnt out six different accounts before I finally took a decision that finally changed my trading career. And that is exactly what I want to talk to you about box today. So before you quit for an extra, have you tried, you know, working with a mentor , have you tried working with a coach, and when I’m saying, working with a mentor or working with a coach, I’m not talking about you jumping up and down, watching different YouTube videos or the, I really appreciate that you are watching this video by the way, but before you, you know, quit, which strategy are you adopting, 

Which method are you using Are you working with someone You know, if you have a mentor, you discover that you do everything you do like your mentor, because of course that is why he’s he, or she’s your mentor. And before you sign up to be coached by someone, you need to do your due diligence also is this person really trading? Remember also you a story of off how I, that was back home in Nigeria paid wild 150,000 Naira. That was 2006 to attend this five hours seminar, you know, in Lagos only for me to discover, I think about a month after that the guy that organized that training was not even a trader 

you know, he himself was not trading, but you know he just , did the seminars based on on the books that he read. Okay. So anybody can be a teacher. Anybody can do video, anybody can. So, but is this person really, really trading in all like this I mean, this is, I’m creating this video now today is may 30th. You know, at the beginning of this month, I set up a goal. Okay. Every month I have my goal. So like this month I said, okay, my goal was to make $20,000. You know, this month I’m so grateful to God because yesterday I actually past, that goal from one of my account. So the person that you are trying to be trained, that you want to hire as your mentor, is this person trading, is it demo or live account

Because so many people parading demo accounts, they will, you see them on Instagram. You sit down with flashing car, with ferrari, with Lamborghini. Some of all these people, you can’t even reach out to them. Okay So my question to you is have you try to engage, okay, the service of a coach or a mentor. So you need, you need to think about that. And then maybe one of these excuses also that I have people say, though, Oh, it’s too expensive. Or I can’t afford it. If you have this, I can’t afford it mentality. It rolled this BPA because there’s no that time to be able to afford it. In fact, the reason why you need to pay for coach, that he’s the why you need to pay for coaching. The reason why you need to actually hire a coach is because you can’t afford it.

I remember about eight years ago. Well, I mean, I was in the network marketing business then, and there was this young guy, about 17 year old guy that I wanted to hire we were together with MLSP my lead system then and this guy was doing very well. This guy was doing very, very well. And I wanted to hire this guy, you know, and he wanted to charge me $500 then, then of course I started telling him stories. And then I told him who I said, it’s too expensive. I can’t afford it. I say, it’s too expensive. Why don’t you try that Then the guy had asked me one question that changed my career in network marketing. He says, are you saying you can’t afford it all You don’t have it. He said, I don’t know your age, but I could assume that you are more than 30 years old.

He said, so if you are telling me right now, you can’t afford $500 today. There is a problem. And that is exactly what is going on, especially in this country or irrespective of where you are. I mean, I thank God for what God has done so far, and I’m not blaming you for not making it while you need to make a shift. You know in every career have ever been to, I was in network marketing, I mean, I had to in 2012, that was a time I hired myself three coaches. You know, I hired myself. I remember Ray Higdon, are they against Smith I don’t know. Of course. and the MLSP also that, and I had the coach, you know, every aspect of my life. I’ve always engaged this audience over a coach, even as I’m talking to you right now to pick my business to the next level, I’m going through Mike Dillards mentoring program.

So it has to do with coaching. It has to do with mentoring. Mentorship is more than you just watch a video or just read a books. Mentorships simply means that you are. I mean, you remember Jesus, you know the disciples they were doing like Jesus to the extent that people now say this people behave like Jesus. And that’s why they called them Christians. Then now this goes to you.

If you now sign up for coaching or mentor, then you stop looking around. Because that is exactly what happens again. When I see people sign up for coaching, but they’re still good to YouTube to be watching different videos, listen to different people, attend different webinars and reading books that is different, you are doing yourself disservice because, you will end up getting confused and you don’t know what to do.

So now my advice to you, if I should put it in number one, two, three, number one, a coach, number two focus on what your coach is teaching you and sometimes, for example, myself, I teach different strategies, but I do expect to, to train or to start doing treading different strategies. So you pick one strategy that resonates with you. You will master that strategies.

You’ll begin to make money, then demo-trade on that particular without strategy or until you know, okay, you are really good with these strategies, then make sure you are making money on demo account before you go live and start small. Okay Why you think big, but you act now don’t focus on the dollar value, but focus on the number of pips that you are making, you know, as a Forex trader you make your money from pips. So don’t, don’t look at that dollar sign.

So you, for example, you focus on, okay, 20 pips per day. Even if you are trading, mini accounts, and mini account 1 pip will cost like $1. So 20pip is like $20. Don’t worry because when you finally start trading bigger size, bigger account size, concise, the same 20 people school worth $200. They send 20 pips school worth $2,000. The same 20 pips could worth $20,000. I hope you get it. So I know I go on and on, but I believe you get the gist. Okay

I gotta get ready. Now for my VIP students are, it’s almost nine. O’clock creating this video. So I hope you get the gist. Once again, if you have not subscribed to our YouTube channel, go ahead, subscribe to this channel right now. And if you have like this video, like it and leave your comment. If you have any questions, send me an email to info@tradermatic.net. And of course, if you want to join our coaching program, click here now. I’ll look forward to connect with you. Thank you so much. And I will see you tomorrow. Awesome. Let’s go ahead.