I have an exciting topic for you today. So today we’re gonna be talking about the best Forex trading strategy. I think, you know, many times people ask me, okay, if my Emmanuel give me your strategy that makes you money. And Ofcourse today you are going to be getting that from me.

So in this video, I’m going to be talking about the best Forex trading strategy. You know when we’ll talk about Forex trading. Are you ready to listen to the truth You know, the scripture says that you shall know the truth and the truth will set you free. Are you ready to listen to the truth Okay. So the truth is, is no best Forex trading strategy anywhere that is not, you know what we’re talking about forex trading strategies.

There are 1 million plus, okay, different strategies online. Now what works for me might not work for you. What works for you might not work for someone else. So when you’re not talking about the best for extra, then start again. That is where you discover it by yourself. You know what that means is that, okay I can have, you know, I might be trading London session.

You might be trading a New York session. Another person might be trading, Asian session. you are able to discover that strategy that works for you. And of course, the moment you discover that becomes your best Forex trading strategy, you know, as a forex coach and mentor, I coached, I mean, I’ve coached people.

I’m of course I mentor people to success. In Forex trading, I teach different strategies, shrink trading, day trading, london break , these, that. I mean, I train and I coach different strategies. And of course, by the motto of my experience in Forex trading, I’ve been in this industry now since 2006. So 14 years trading Forex. So I’ve been exposed to different strategies.

So as far as am concerned will I say ok this is my best trading strategy. The truth remains non. I trade different strategies as long as they make me money, but because I’m a minister of the gospel,I’m a husband, I’m a dad.

I, of course I coach people. I do a lot of things. Charity works, volunteering, I’m involved in different, different things. So the best time that I really worked for me for trading is London opening market. You know, around that time, that is 2:00 AM my time. That is 3:00 AM Eastern time. So, even though most of the times I go to bed late, like 11 o’clock, 11.30, but still make sure that I, I get up by, you know, 1.30am to catch that movement between frankfurt market and London open session. So, and of course trading from 2:00 AM to 4:00 AM my time talking about 3:00 AM to 5:00 AM Eastern time. Most of the times I make money that many people would dream of if we’re in a week. So that is the time that works for me. That is the strategy that works for me.

I love swing trading because I always like to catch that movement. Okay. that movement sees the opportunity. And then of course I use the experience and the tactics of swing trading. Also an apply to London open session. Okay. I hope you get up. nugget. So if you are one of those that have been asking okay Emmanuel, what is the best strategy There’s no best way to get anywhere.

If you see anybody tell you, okay, this is the best strategy that worked for me. Or that is just to you, that worked for that person. That doesn’t make it. That is going to work for you. But my one thing for you is that try to understand the rule of the game. Okay. Try to understand the system. I mean, I’ve said this over and over and over and over, and now we say it again. If you are new to Forex I will advice you to pick one strategy, yes.

Pick one strategy. Focus on that. Strategy must begin to make money without strategy. And of course, as time goes on, you now start developing your new skills in mastering another strategy. Boy, if you want to master everything, you want to know how to trade the fake out/Break , these/that and everything you are going to be confused and you will not know what to do.

So master one strategy, I’ve said this over and over muster. One currency pair, if want to trade currency, decide which currency pair you want to trade. You want to treat indices I don’t treat all of them. I just pick one. If I want to trade in, this is I’m. I love NASDAQ. If I don’t trade gold, silver and all those, my system works for all of them, but I don’t treat all of them. I don’t trade stocks.

I invest in stocks for long term purpose, but don’t trade stocks. So you, I crypto currency Bitcoin PTC, USD when the need arises. And when I see opportunity, but I don’t focus also on that. So pick one strategy, pick one, currency pairs and master your time. What, what is it that is going on in your life, your lifestyle, your work schedule, your, your, your time availability that you have to treat all those with adds together to give you your best trading strategy.

So my friend, I hope by now, you understand what we mean when we talk about, okay, forex trading strategy . And I want to believe you will start working in creating yours. Okay If you are looking for someone to coach you, to mentor you. You see the fastest way to succeed in life is to find a mentor that you can stand on his or her wing.

That will take you to your place of destiny. You know, you need someone shoulder that you can linger on , that you can linger on to see how far you know, I mean, by now, you know, my story, the first six months was terrible. I lost six stock acounts until I invested hugely. Big.! Okay. Alright, I invested huge. I remember that time.

I was making 43,000naira in Nigeria working as a T.O (transaction officer)access bank, and imagine somebody making 43000 naira, I paid one 150,000 naira for my first ever  seminar, not even trading no workshop. Okay. And of course, when I burn’t out my account six accounts, I later hired myself, a coach from South Africa. Then I remember very, very well, okay. And this guy tagged me a fortune. I mean, I sold my stuff. I closed my bank account, my lifetime savings.

I borrowed more money to pay this guy for. That was the best decision I’ve ever made. Okay. When it comes to Forex trading. So you’re looking for, you know, someone that will work with you. That should be a link below this video. Check it out. Let’s connect. Let’s see if you will match each other. I don’t pick out person your personality, your spy after much mine for us to walk together. Okay. My friend, I’ll see you tomorrow.

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