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All right, welcome back. So three things the forex market does. When you are trading have this in mind, the market does one of these three things.
Number one, the market can range-up that this is trending up. Or the market is trending down. Or the market is ranging. Now for example, when you want to, you know, when you look out to chart as a Forex trader, what do you see? Is the market going up or is the market going down So if the market is going up What do you plan to do ?

Okay. Right when the market is going up, what you are looking to do is you are looking to buy or you’re looking to grow long. Okay It’s very surprising why some people are selling when market is going up. Okay. The price is going up. There are two things you do. Okay, you buy low, and you sell high or you buy high and sell higher. Okay, so when the market is trending up you are buying, you look for opportunity to buy okay, and when the market is trending down, you look for opportunity to to go shots that, that is sell.

I discussed this intensively in one of my webinars in the beginner’s guided to mastering forex trading. Did you grow See the link below this video. Make sure you click on that. Of course you will have opportunity to go through this with me for free so you will understand. Okay. When first of all, you pick a currency. Let’s say you decide to, out-grow up trade that GBP/USD.

You have to look at that pairs. So is this pairs, is this trending up and what will determine whether a currency pair is trending is the time-frame that you are trading, are you trading higher time frame or you’re trading lower time-frame. If you are trading higher time frame then you will be dealing with time-frame like four chart, daily chart, weekly chart. If you are dealing with a lower time frame you will be dealing with like a 15 minutes or one hour. So one of these days I’m going to show you, you did multiple, multiple shots strategy.

Okay. That is what the big boys use. No winners – I’ve never seen someone making money forex trading that uses just only one chart. If you are one hour trader, you don’t want to just look out one hour and conclude base on what you see on one hour. And if you are a daily chat trader, you don’t want to look at the daily chart and just stop, you have to look at what is happening in weekly or four hours .

If you love trading one hour chart, you want to look at what is happening in four hours and fifteen minutes. Then you decide based on what you see and okay, we’re going to start diving into all of this. Okay As time goes on. So once again, I want to thank you so much for your time and I hope you are staying safe and you are enjoying yourself.

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