In this video, we are going to be looking into top 10 cryptocurrencies to invest in, in 2022. The top 10 cryptocurrencies to buy right now. If I have $1,000, what are the top 10 of coins that we invest in Right. That’s just what we are going to be discussing.

So in this video I am going to be showing you if I have $1,000 what are the hot coins I will invest in. And now actually take you to classroom where, you know, I had a session with my VIP student, of course you too can join us.  I meet with my students once a week, every Saturday, sometimes Sunday. Okay.

So we are going to be looking into cryptocurrency, because I know that many people, even though we hear about it every time many people still won’t believe it. It’s like, okay, what is, what is, what is crypto? What is happening? We know we know it. I was watching the statistics over 70% of people right now working class adults says that they have been hearing about crypto currency but they dont’ have any.

Cryptocurrencies – What you must know about the Money Revolution!

Let me quickly take you through, let me take you through what we’ll talk about Money Revolution, how money evolve. Okay Because it’s like many of us don’t really know. We still believe all this is, this is going to be the money of the devil or some of you believe, or this is antichrist money. The first session we have is what we call the hunter. Or we call it the cave, man, cave, the cave man age at this particular age, people hunt to eat. Okay. They go for hunting. In fact around this time they don’t even where cloth. I won’t bore you with all these stories, you can read more about money evolution, because you really need to understand it. Therefore, here we, we jumped to the farming, the farming age, the farming slash agrarian age.

Okay. This is the period whereby people begins farming. People begin to farm and of course , this particular age give birth to what we call class age.  we will be looking more into all of this because it’s good You understand it. So you’ll be able to know, you know, identify one. When we talk about money. I’m going to be starting a show, a teaching series, very soon talking about how to make, manage and multiply your money. Because it’s very, very important. Money is a game. Once you understand how to play that game, you will always play to win. So this farming and this agrarian age is what gave birth to class age, it’s what gave birth to polygamy because many people have farm and they know that the more wives they have, the more children they will have and the more help you will get at their farms. And of course, when they discovered, okay, this one was not really enough,

Oh, remember we have class age where you have some elite people in the community and these people can afford to buy another people’s children. Then from there, that was what gave birth to the slave trade. People begin to buy people, buy other people’s children and all other countries by, you know, people from, from Africa and so on and so forth. That was, that was that particular at this particular age. At this particular age there was nothing like money. If you watch most of the old school movie, you will see how even ordinary mirror, you know they could visit a village, give them a mirror that they will use to look at themselves and they say, wow, before you go in the beginning of sentence. So at this time there was nothing called money. Then we jumped to level three, which most of us we know that is trade by barter.

Trade by barter – a system of exchange. and you have this, you act change this. You bring, you bring nothing to the markets. You go home with nothing that is trade by barter. And many people still operate, I am going to be teaching extensively on this area. Very, very soon then about four, we don’t do the industrial age. The industrial is where we begin to make irons,. These give birth to job, school system, job, and salary system and so on and so forth. And the fifth, the fifth one is the technology. The technology of this is where we start talking about printing of money.

The technology then grow to information age , age, information, age, the technology is give birth to jobs, we know, salary and so on and so forth. And then from there we have information age, launching of internet. We begin to have websites, this and that. And now this as grown to the next stage, which I call the blockchain age. And this is where we are. Right So even if you are still operating the technology age trust me, this is becoming archaic right now. I do know how many of us I’ve been hearing about the meta-verse. 

The birth to crypto currency

I am still trying to wrap my head around it. Okay. Where everything physical will become more or less virtual. You know very soon you might not be seeing all the movie theatre , because people can just have the VR device begin to watch the movies. It is happening already. So now this blockchain, this is what give birth to crypto currency and crypto currency is just one of them. Okay. It’s just one of blockchain is just one blockchain, just one of blockchain. When we’re not talking about this crypto as I said, I won’t bore us , as I said is all about, you know, is all about money, going cashless. let me speak as a, as a pastor for a second. When we’re talking about, antichrist, which I don’t worry about antichrist because as a believer almost, I mean, if you believe in a rapture, don’t have to do this.

This is the church teacher, but then the teaching and the understanding, how I understand this, is the believers must have raptured before. Okay. Before we, we have so that anti Christ, and ofcourse that anti-christ that will be a person that will be governing the whole world. Okay. I want you to walk with me now for somebody to be able to monitor what somebody is buying somewhere. Let’s say if the president is in US. I am not saying the anti-christ will be in US, So let’s say the president or the antichrist was going to be in US. How can he monitor what is going on in Russia, India and China. So everything has to go cashless. Everything has to go cardless, everything paperless.

It’s funny. When we talked about money, and remember, these is a deep topic. We’ll talk about that. So everything has to go this way and I’m very sure this is the introduction. It, there are ways whereby you don’t need the, you don’t need a key to enter. You just wave your hand or the will open. We have artificially intelligence, we have robotic system and all those well it’s preparation, but then will that stop you, would you, if you are one of the religious fanatics, and say oh, I don’t want to be part of this. Things we are talking about might not even come in another 1,000. Okay. So what is, yes, this, we are talking about (rapture) it might not even. And I know that I don’t know, 5,000 and it can come before we finished this task. So what I’m saying that says, don’t become so religious fanatical that you are not tapping the technology.

So that’s what brought us to cryptos. And most of us, we are aware of the first one, and I’m not going to be too much theory on this. I have a book, a smart guide to crypto investing. You can download if you have not downloaded. So now the Bitcoin, their will only be just 21 billion Bitcoin. Out of this, 21 billion I believe more than eighteen million has been mined. So we are left with around 3million bitcoin to be mined. I remember one time we want to buy Bitcoin. You know, like if you, if you have to buy Bitcoin, a 0.0010 points right now as am talking right now, Bitcoin is around $58,000.

One Bitcoin ladies or gentlemen, the time is coming. And that time is not far that we’ll be talking about one Bitcoin, maybe at $580,000. Very, very soon. It will not be far. It will not be far at all because when was Bitcoin 5,000 a coin, just think it does think about it. When was Bitcoin at 5,000. And now we have Bitcoin around 58,000. It was actually 62,000 before it crash. And most of us we always freak out whenever we see a crypto assets crashing, you know, it can not continue as I always tell fellow’s life is not in straight line. It cannot like that. If it continue like that, then it is no longer a currency. It has to go this way, comeback, go this way.

That is how you know what is your trend, when you are having the highest-high,the higher-low, the higher-high, the higher-low and so on and so forth. The price keeps increasing. So remember bitcoin started at less than one cent and now  it is around $60,000 range. Time is coming that one Bitcoin, we be equal to almost a million dollars. If not more. I saw a video yesterday taking about bitcoin, when guy like this are talking about bitcoin it means something big is up right now, SCC, nasdac, we have ETF, I think we have two Bitcoin ETF right now, I’ll be talking about ETFs, some of us don’t understand new terms. But then for SCC to approve ETF as it’s crypto, think about that. Then another , all of that, then I know about war right now, almost over 90%. Okay. Now let me talk to forex trader. Over 90% of Forex, Forex broker now accept Bitcoin and all crypto currency as form of payment and when you are withdrawing, you can only withdraw also with bitcoin or other crypto currency. So you begin to see something that something is happening, right there. A time is very coming and that time is not far. That before you send money to your family in the village it will be in crypto.

So which crypto currency will survive the test of time?

So which crypto currency will survive the test of time? That is what brings us to where we are right now. So, I’m going to be showing us. If I have $1,000, if I $1,000 apart from Bitcoin and etherem, which everybody knows it, I’ve done a video about that. I’ve done a training about why etherem system is goig to be bigger than Bitcoin. Because when you look up, most of all the etf and co they are built on etherem. And remember it is all about law of demand of supply. So when more people are using project I’m into the theory crypto currency, there are pick,, I just look into what this happening, what people are buying and I tap into it. So I want to study the FTEs or studying each coin, what they represent, You have resources online.  Just go and study them.

So now if I have 1000 bucks, how will I distribute this.The ten crypto currency  I will invest my money into.

let’s talk about the old school. I call it old school, new school, because before what people understand about investing, you invest $1,000. if you get 10% annual return on your investment, 10% you are a genius. You know, I remember reading an article talking about even Warren Buffet could not even talk about having 20% return on investment a year. But this day there are investment. So this one’s that belongs to old school and this old school investment strategy is when you are talking about bondsc, this is where he got fucking their bonds, stocks, etf, etc.

Even in real estate. It still falls to old school. You know, that real estate of an average return on your investment may be around 4.5.

Okay. It’s good to tie it where you are building. I just created a video, not quite long how you can invest in real estate, starting with $10 dollars. So yes. it’s good you diversity. It is good you learn how to diversify. But then there are some ways you can make quick returns , quick money. I’ve told you before that you are a farmer, you don’t want to be planting just only tomato. You know, you plant tomatoes within how many days or weeks you’ve already harvested it within three months, okay. That is one type of crops or one type of farming that you’ll be doing. Then as a farmer you should also learn to begin to plant so that you can have harvest within one to three years, thereabouts. That is where you plant even some six months. Let’s say six months to three years. That is when you plant crops like yam, you know, crops like that.

That takes little bit longer. This, time around they are not vegetables that you harvest within one to two months or three months, this time around, we take like six months to three years.

and that is how you should understand investment that is what you should be doing when you are investing then you should also now have some kind of investment that will take longer time that will take like 10 years for you to start harvesting it ah you know what that means when you nurture an investment for like 10 years and you now start harverting it of course  you will be harvesting it big.

Now these ones that you harvest within three months, you harvest it quick quick quick it’s done it’s gone. This one within one years you harvested quick quick quick is gone but the one that takes longer time for you to harvest definitely is going to last long also you keep investing every year and that is where all this food tree, cocoa,  iroko tree,  palm tree all those big big that is where they fall into someone says the best time to plant an ikoro tree was 10 years ago and the very next best time is now so if you have not started investing into cryptocurrency or any of all these uh coins i’m going to be talking about then the very next best time is now.

Yes we are very close to crypto’s winter i hope you know that this bullish run will end very soon who knows when, i cannot i don’t know but then that is why just a little disclaimer know that you shouldn’t be investing or trading with money you cannot afford to risk or to lose money you cannot afford to do so don’t put all your eggs in one basket number one, don’t put your your mortgage in the cryptos that you that just go from from from hundred dollars or zero dollars overnight it’s possible and don’t put all don’t just put all your eggs in one basket remember never invest never trade with money you can’t afford to lose.

That is common sense 101 and of course that is investing 101. So now, let’s get started so if i have 1 000 i have one thousand dollars apart from bitcoin apart from bitcoin apart from ethereum apart from earth which other points will i be investing in and i’m going to do it this way so to make it easy then so i’ll be able to entertain also some questions and once again if you have questions just type it for the comments and there will be attending into it so like what i did three days ago let me see if i can share my screen so what i did three days ago was this right here these are the coins as you can see this was november 19 and uh i’m  recording this on saturday november 20th so actually it was yesterday right so take a look here so this was the date and you can see this is one two three four five six seven eight nine so then of course as i said ten coins number one of it would be ethereum uh bitcoin right now i don’t really keep much of it but i do much with bitcoin because that is what we use for transactions these days deposit into forex withdrawal and so on and so forth.

But if i have 1 000 I will not put everything to bitcoin because it would take a while for bitcoin to move from 1 000 to 2 000 for me than any of all these coins. okay you can take a snap shot and look into them any of these coins to just move boom like that so like for instance you have a coin you put hundred dollars to it and within these two days this hundred dollars will go to 120 and it could go to zero dollar so please be aware of that hese are all coins and as i said time will fail me because we still have a lot of cover to start talking about individuals cryptos or the odd point what they represent what they do but i wanted to know that i have other people also that i follow you know apostle paul was saying that as as christ taught me so i’m teaching you so i have some not many people but i have some some people i look up to when it comes to different areas of my life so like cryptos investing i don’t have all the time to be understanding all the jaguns so i have some people that also that and i have some subscriptions that don’t cheap uh there’s a program that i’m part of that it cost almost five thousand dollars per year to be a member so i get values i get information and of course it’s my job also to give to you

Now my promising that this will make you a billionaire? No. Am I also saying that this return to  millions overnight? No. Can they go to zero overnight? Yes. Can they shoot to millions overnight? Yes so please just get that place so don’t come to me tomorrow and say oh the forex apostle said I should buy this, my money is gone  uh so that is uh by the way so you can just uh write that down um there’s very soon i will take some questions i’ll rub mice together i’ll be close for today so you can just take snapshots of those if you have not all right

So let’s uh let’s go to coinbase and i’m going to show you how far just within two days just within two days what are these have led to so like right now like right now just three days ago i didn’t i don’t talk about shiva he know right shiva you know is another cryptocurrency that i i i put money into okay but then i don’t really there’s no serious projects that i see so now as i was saying the bitcoin of course we all know bitcoin the general trend of bitcoin is bullish so like right now let’s see how uh

shiva is um right now is around i don’t even know it is not 46 cents but forget about this for zero so the goal is okay what drives a token remember this is not a coin try to understand difference between for a coin and a token you can read about the uh about the project and everything all you have to do is just go to crypto uh crypto then you can just once you get there look at that i think a shiva is number 11 so right there so once you pick I mean for a token for a token to have found its way from nowhere to number 11 at least i think is doing well is the power of the community okay that is driving the social social driven force that is that is what is driving a a token like dutch coin like shiva is just the demand and supply of that community if the member of the community that is people that are using it that are buying it if it’s okay they want to drive this to 10 cents or one cent before end of this year, it will happen. And what i don’t just like about most of this coin is that just one a elite or vip or somebody like Elon Musk could just make you post or a tweet and you want me to drop it another

person just make a post and scroll that is why i hate all those emotional roller-coasters but then if you don’t mind risking that okay you can just you know play so as i said you can right there you can just click on it then go to their website shiba token you can see it’s a token it’s not a coin that’s the difference between shiba you know and the dutch coin is a coin. Dutch coin claim would be a coin shivai is a token and there are also there are some projects around it you can read the white paper you can go to the website their main goal is to kill dutch coins just to keep those cause so it’s a if baby a baby dutch so read about it but the goal is uh for this okay.

Even if you have if you put 100 dollars to it there’s a kid in a church that told me she put in i think uh around the 480 dollars to to dutch, i mean to shivai right now this 480 dollars is almost five thousand dollars now for her okay i mean that’s awesome right so hundred dollars how do you do this some of you you get paid maybe if you are working on a full-time job you get paid every week every two weeks when you get paid just send ten dollars buy something like 10 dollars ten dollars that is money you afford to lose money you could afford to yours and one day you just wake up and you see wow so like right now it’s saturday this is not 46 cent but let’s assume because you stay off one two three four so for these four zeros the goal is for to at least  if  you can just come just spot two and a lot of things have to happen before that happens but then nothing nothing is impossible the whole idea about cryptocurrency is a joke so i’m not underestimating any coin again that oh this one cannot go far it’s not left for me to do okay so just as i said don’t invest and don’t trade with money you can’t afford to what to lose okay so let’s go back to let’s go back over there so right there shiva i know is one of the one of the coins that i but i don’t really

I am not uh into it percy okay chain link okay please as i said time will not permit us to start looking to each of them just go and read more about them take a look at the zcash okay like this when i bought them two days ago almost all of them almost all of them dropped to like nine nine something let’s say 950. of course uh coinbase took took their their own transaction fee and you can see they are back over one thousand dollars you come back over one thousand dollars over one thousand bucks over one thousand if we invest in all these uh stocks for you to have 12 percent even on your stocks or other traditional investments.

it’s going to take a while so within one day you have 12 percent i’ve seen shivain gave me about 16 something percent in the day before so you see this is uh zcash’s this engine coin please as i said egen coin read just go to coinmarketcap read about them time fellows will go into all of this and most of all these coins we will pay you okay pay you to hold them to hold them or to start them so then of course dash you can see cosmos please as i said time will fail me to start talking about each and every one of them are polygon and the synthetic network token so all these ones right there and i think there’s still one more right there so uh numero and the unesco so of course ethereum as you can see i actually saw that my ethereum what i do was i see a signal you remember what happened last week i saw that okay bitcoin was going to have that pullback so what i did i transferred my bitcoin okay to another area and then waited for it and that i mean i’m talking about this this was what what we saw last week we saw this we saw this bearish bearish engulfing candle last week and i told us that it’s going to pull back i remember we drew this line last week this area

and right now we are back here so next week it could continue bouncing up and if you still come to this uh because they come to this 61.8 people level okay before up so yeah so once you see something that natural you take advantage of it before majority and that was what i did with my dutch coin the day Elon Must was going on a saturday night show when people were shouting oh dutch coin was going to get to a dollar right there and there sort of mine and it just crashed and says then it has not gone back up

okay so those are my coins that i’m invested into uh the gold is okay maybe every month just puts like a one thousand dollars so what i did was i took ten thousand dollars

okay i took ten thousand dollars and i divide it to 10 and i put 1 000 to 10 points but you may not have ten thousand dollars yours might be one thousand dollars so divide it to 10 and put 100 and if you don’t have one thousand yours might be one hundred dollars so put the ten dollars into each put the ten dollars into each these ten dollars you might wake up one day and find it to be a hundred who knows it will even be at a thousand dollars so that is it.

Remember it’s not worth putting money today and tomorrow you just want to sell off if there is any reason for me to sell my cryptos i will definitely let you guys know but there are some of them that are buying for long term there are a lot of many factors that make us know that number one cryptocurrency have come from state many countries are building their own even united states launching their own

federal point uh nigeria just launched a bitcoin not naive naira not quite much so many countries are working on that so with everything going on it’s a very very bullish for crypto currency.