Hello, my friend. I want to welcome you to this video, and I want to say a very big thank you for stopping by. I’m so excited about today’s topic. So, so excited that you know, Forex trading and MURPHY’S law. What is Murphy’s law? How does it affect Forex trading and Forex traders, that is what we are going to be looking into today.

Let me ask you this question. You know, has any of this, you know conditions or situations are ever appointed to you, you know, has any of this ever happened to you. 

Number one, you know, as a Forex trader, you got stopped out lost, okay. Two ticks of pips before the market reverse. What that means is, okay, you know, let’s say you have these, the markets, right

This is the markets and you please a trade. Okay you, you place a trade. You put, you put your stop loss. Okay. Right here. And then did my tax moves. slope. you know and comeback. Okay. You enter trade, let’s say you enter the trade here and the market goes here, comeback and boom – hit your stop loss. And continue towards the initial direction.  

Has this ever happen to you? you know, you’ve got stopped out with a loss 2 ticks or two pips before the market reversed? or something like, okay. You know, this happen to me many times and I want to believe that this also happen to you as a trader. Okay.

Number 2, market reversed 2 ticks or pips before reaching your Take Profit Target. Okay. Let me explain this. This is where your take profit is. Okay. You have your take profits and of course, a trade, a trade is coming. You expect to get to this point only for the trades two just turn back, you know, has this ever happen to you. Okay My market reverse 2 ticks or pips, before reaching your profit your take profit.

Number three, you close a trade, which is small profits only to see the market run another $200 or $500 direction. Yeah. Has that ever happen to you? okay, you have a trade. Maybe you have this trade coming on then you see the way the trend is up. Then you close the trade. Only for these market to still go late way, way , way up. you know, and you keep beating yourself, hash, how I wish I hold on to the trade.has that happen to you.

Okay. Or, maybe market reversed the very minute you enter a trade. Oh my God. This could be very painful in all. Like imagine you enter a trade, you enter a trade you put a trade and you expect the trade to go long,you go along, you enter a trade, you buy the market just started going in opposite direction. Okay. If that has happen before.

Okay. Let’s see you enter the wrong trade by a mistake yet you made a profit. This also has happened to me before, I was actually sleeping and I just opened my eyes and I saw, I saw the trade going on my phone and I just click buy unknowingly, that it was a wrong pairs that I was actually, you know, pressing on and I enter the wrong trade by accident, by mistake. And yet I made a thousand dollars from that trade. Okay. Has that also happen to you. Awesome.

Number 6, you closed. Okay  a Losing trade only to find out that you being and profit a couple of hours later, you asked them what I mean like, okay, this is a trade  coming your direction. You go long. Okay. To go long this trade. Oh, let’s say you shorten. Okay. And this trade now started reading negative. So maybe you have like a minus $250. Okay. And you close the trade. Once you close the trade, the markets will reverse and started going to your initial direction. Remember you shut before. Okay. You shorted this pair before, but the market’s started going long and you think oh my God, then you close the trade immediately. You close the trade. Okay. Closing the trade a Losing trade only to find out you’ve been in a profit couple of hours later. Has this ever happen to you. 

Okay. The next one you watched many profitable trades evaporate into losses. I mean, this happened to me this morning. Three Oh four trades. Okay Euro USD. Each of them as profit of about $750, $750. But because they have not gotten to my take profits and right now. Okay. I see now being positive, the same trade. I used to get them back now to where it’s supposed have been. I can see the trade now going into my direction. Okay. But you enter a trade only for this trade to reverse. Okay. Once you see your profits evaporate in your eyes. Has this ever happen to you. 

Number 8, you got a solid trading signal, but you kept procrastinating you procrastinated and rationalize about it until you completely miss a perfect tree as this also, ever happen to you then you felt like someone could be taking cues from your trading may be you think the brokers are the one playing pranks on you except in the opposite direction where you buy the broker must be doing something fishery. That is why you are losing your trade. Has that also happened to you?

Don’t worry. Don’t stress yourself too much. My friend, because you are not alone. You are not alone in this. It happens to every trader. It happens to me, it happens to Warren Buffet, it happen to many people.  So you don’t freak out. You know don’t stress yourself. It is called murphy’s law. So what is Murphy’s law? Murphy’s laws simply States you know whatever will happen will happen. is an adage or epigraph that typically stated that anything that can go wrong, will go from – anything.

I don’t know whether you have, you know you’ve been a student, you study and you did everything  and you still fail the exam. Whatever that will go wrong will go wrong.  You see a couple, you know, I love you. I love you love each other. And they treasure, the relationship, or somehow , somehow Murphy’s Law step into, place, and the marriage ended in divorce. That is murphy’s law. No, matter how careful you are was just like, you are driving and even 

You’re a careful driver, but you still get involved in car accident. In a way, whatever will happen will happen. you on the job You are very diligent with your walk. You get to work early, you do your task, you do everything and you still got laid off. You got fired. Whatever will happen will happen. like this, a Corona virus, a pandemic.

You wear face-mask, you wash your hand and somehow, somehow you still got a infected. You know, you tested positive, whatever will happen will happen. So let’s come back to forex trading. So in forex, okay No matter how diligent you are, how good you are, how effective you are. All these factors , all these situation’s that have listed above could still happen to you. It doesn’t mean that you don’t know what you are doing. It doesn’t mean that the system is wrong. It doesn’t mean that someone is hacking you somewhere, it’s just murphis law.

So what do you do when that happens, forgive yourself and move on. just enjoy the ride. Okay I hope this video makes sense to you. I hope you will remember this all the times. Even in life, it doesn’t matter if it’s in forex, Murphy’s law always comes to play. But what you have to do is just move on. Be more diligent, learn from your mistakes. Keep moving on and just do what you want to do. In life, you lose some, you win some.

What makes it progress is he’s winning must be more than you’re losing. Okay Once again, I want to say thank you for stopping by to see this video. And if you have not subscribed, come on, show some love, hit the button below. Subscribe to this video like this video. Leave your comment. If you have any questions or you disagree with me, just share it, share this on your Facebook profile, and then I’ll look forward to see you tomorrow. God bless you. Enjoy the rest of your day.