In this video I’m going to be showing you and we ‘re going to be discussing about understanding the new tradermatic. What is traumatic? How can you use this to increase your profit as a Forex trader, stocks trader, may be you trader futures or you trade options, If you trade any commodity at tall tradermatic will improve your trade.

So what is tradermatic? Tradermatic is a revolutionary trading software that makes you money effortlessly from Forex market. It’s a mechanical trading software. And the, of course that is the, you know, the image right there. You can use programmatic to trade stocks or to trade, you  know cryptocurrencies, precious metals, any commodity out there. And of course, as you can see, these are very, you know, very color coded.

You know, I, first, Monday I love it color coding system because I’m very, very visual person. So, you don’t name the no two much, lengthen of to time to decide what to do you need within two to three minutes, you decide whether you grew up with taking a trade or not, you know, and of course where our group is, show you more about this as you go along.

So when we’re talking about our Tradermatic, you know, the platform, the system is very user friendly. The interface is very, very user friendly. Even , six, seven year old, 12 year old kid can use this. It doesn’t matter if you have zero forex trading experience, very, very user friendly. You know you need minimum of time investment to trade. The algorithm is a next generation trading algorithm.

And of course, I ‘ve tested this for a long time. Some of my VIP students have access to this, you know, very high profitable signals that are generated. You will know when to buy it. You know, when to sell, okay, built in smart technology, unique price, volatility detection, multiple trading style. If you’re a swing trader, you can use this. If you are a scalper, you can use this. If you are positioned trader, you can use this, you know, so it doesn’t matter the kind of a style you want or, you know, like, you know, going into the market in and out – You can use this system.

If you are a trend trader you can use this. You’re a break-out trader, you can use the system, very reliable signals, 100%  and no repaint. You know, it support all major currency pairs, as I’ve said before, and very, very easy color coded trend  trading system. So, I don’t want to make this video to be too prolonged, but you know, we grew up, we get into to this, you know, one after another.

The indicator gives you dig, all kinds of alerts. You know, you have tradermatic indicator and you are going to be getting tradermatic trading system. That is my own template that I use. And you are going to be getting access to everything. You know it, gives you pop up alert sound, email alert, push notification. I’m going to be taking you through how you set up on your system.

And you know , you will receive an email alert for you to know when the trend has changed and that has gone off. It has changed downward and so on and so forth. Something of this nature, of course you can use tradermatic to trade multiple charts. This is for advanced traders.

If you are one of them. so take a look at the system right here, you can see, you know, you don’t need any too much brainstorming before you know whether you are to trade or not. Let me, let me take you to, you know, this chart. You can see you enter the trade here. And of course you just ride the trend till you see the next exit signal. This is on Us static index and this is on FxChoice. Okay. You can use this for any trading, and the commodity out there. okay. So, this is just the introduction on the hour. See you in.