I’m going to be sure you update my $1k to $1 million Forex trading challenge, which was three days desk go today is July third. We started July first. And then of course if you are a trader just like me or trader wannabie or you are learning the trade you will that the market has not be friendly for the past three days. So I’m going to be showing you my thought about these and what to do in a situation like this.

As you can see, this is the trade that I have opened. Actually, I supposed to have closed this trade since two days ago, but I decided not to close it because I know, I mean, since yesterday , not two days ago since yesterday, but I decided not to close it because of certain reasons I’m going to be showing you right now. So, this trade was placed right here. Okay. At this point, let me, let me get my, so I entered this trade right here. that was the London session yesterday of course, went back to sleep. the, you can see, I was sleeping when, I supposed to I’ve closed the trade. So I didn’t get to my stop. I mean my take-profit and ofcourse the market reverse. And as you can see, this has been since yesterday.

And ofcourse we are here. Market is still down. Now the reason why I’m not closing this is if we look at daily chart on EUROUSD using tradermatic you can see that we are actually on, uptrend because I can see my, bullish box here.  And of course, this is a blue, this is blue. I’m expecting when markets resume on Monday to go back up. So that’s why I’m not closing this. I’m very stubborn when it comes to, you know, cutting my loss actually.  Some of you that knows me know that I’m very, very stubborn when it comes to that. by the way, the price also is, are both my 50 EMA so that tells me that I’m expecting the markets actually to still trend up. even if I don’t have any profit on this trade, at least close at zero or, you know, get back to, just close at even.

So that is what I’m doing. And basically, what are we doing with this is edging the trade. Okay. Edging the trade   is little bit advanced. You can see right here  now the market itself is down, on the one hour. So you go short on the way you see the sign that the market is going to, go back up again. You’ll close your shot position. You let the long one wrong and so on and so forth to your balance. So if even, if I don’t have a profit on this trade, at least I will make the market till I get what the market is trying to take from. That is me. However, if you don’t understand all those edging strategy for now  and you are in this kind of a trade and you don’t want to risk the weekend gap on other stuff. You can actually exit your trade.

If you have not done that, you know, I’m in this contest actually with people. So in case you’re watching this video, the, you are not one of us. I believe this will give you an insight of what we’re trying to do. And just in case you didn’t stop this with us. What we’re trying to do is to grow our acount from $1k to $1million in five years and somebody said , how crazy is that So we said, okay, it’s not mandatory that we’ll get to one million. Okay If we’re able to grow $1k to $2k , in one year, two years, three years in five years, we have succeeded with this task and what I’m going to be showing you because even the legendary investor himself Warren Buffet doesn’t do this in   50 years grow $1K to $1million. I’ve not seen any of his portfolio that did that, but we are shooting for the moon when we don’t get to the moon, at least with the land and the star.

That is the goal. That is the goal. Okay. So let me show you a what’s my, this is, okay, so this is my tracker. You have access to the link also, as you can see, we started with 1000 drive here, and then of course this, our equity, the balance chart right now, we have the big drop down. We still don’t have much, but I’m having floating of one hundred and twenty-four, as you could see from here.

Okay. This is little bit, the website is a little bit delayed in updating and, but that is just what is going on. So as you can see, right now, so this is where we ha we, we, moving forward, I hope, you know, once again, that success in life is not as straightforward as people, all these things, you know, I’ve said this over and over and over again, success is like, this it’s like this it’s like this.

It’s like, this is like, this it’s like this like this, but what matters most is at least you are progressing. And that is the goal you need to get used to failure. We need to get used to losing sometimes. And as a trader, you don’t expect that your win every day. Okay You don’t expect that. Okay. This is our Warren buffet portfolio. As you can see, this is the legendary versatile Warren buffet portfolio and stuff. They can look at all the stocks. You can see a red, red, red, this is year to date. Okay. of course, you know, what is going on in the market right now You know, look at, look at all of these. This is yet in date, this yet today now, where you look at most of his portfolio a year today, you consider this 24%.

This is 117, 6, 4, 4, 4, 0, 9. this is only Amazon is the only one that gives like 56% to debt on this stock. When you look at this, I mean, take a look at all of these, okay. Take a look at all of these. So you need to understand that this is investing. Okay. This is investing. This is trading. And if warren buffet, the legend investor himself will have all these negatives, draw down in the portfolio. Then who are you not to have, okay. Mean, let me show you my, my portfolio, with my let’s see, okay. So this is my portfolio where, with my stocks am not a stock trader, but I invest also for a longterm purpose. So when I click on these, you can see, this is all my portfolio right now. I don’t, I don’t invest.

I don’t trade stock as you, as I’ve said, but I invest for longterm purpose and especially taking advantage of this pandemic locked down. You can see, this is single. You can see my stocks is plus fourteen. This is 20 plus plus plus plus plus plus plus, most of the stocks that I invest in to, you can see this is 49% Tesla. Amazon is 23, in seagull is 14. So if you are one of those that say, you know, all the times, you are just those following all the same theory, about five G and you are not taken advantage of it, then you will be, you are, you’re not doing yourself a very good, judgment. Okay You’re not helping yourself. For example, if I go to invest now and I search, let’s say I search for five G five G you see, you see these two stocks, look at this one 53, okay, look at these 28.

And if you are an investor or a trader, like me, your antena should rise up with everything going on right now with five G the medical, all the research going on, looking for vacine. If you look for anything or medical, I mean your 1000 that you put in right now could fetch you maybe 10k in the next five years, ten year, you know, so that is the way I reason. And that is the way I expect you to think. Once again, I know I’ve combined so many on this video, but I just want you to know, especially if you, you are an investor, you are a trader, get used to all these ups and downs in the market. And that is why I always say you don’t invest money. You can’t afford to lose, okay You don’t invest money. You can’t afford to lose, like you have to diversify also your portfolio, your income, because people are not talking about cryptocurrency right now.

But when they’re not talking about that, you, that is when you need to understand that you need to do that. Let me take a look at my portfolio. My portfolio in cryptos, as you can see, 83% of my portfolio currency is Bitcoin. And of course, 16% is repose. So I do that, you know, all from all of this right now, but when the price is now rising, then the media will begin to broadcast Bitcoin. So this time around that, nobody’s talking about it. That is when you supposed to be investing little, little, little, little, little into it. So I hope you’ve gotten some things from this video, talking about the progress, the update on our 1k to 1million dollars forex trading challenge. And also my stocks, my cryptos and ofcourse the forex trading portfolio. Thank you so much and once again if you have not subscribed to this video, please do us a favor

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