How I made $892,670.10 in eight months. Yes. I’m going to be revealing three steps that I used to make $892,670.10 and of course that figure was taken last week. So as I’m talking right now, it’s actually above $900,000.
I’m going to go to my mt4 and I’m good to the custom. Okay. This is one of my accounts. So I’m going to go back to January 2021.

So let’s do from January 1st, okay let’s do January 1st to today. as at the time that I’m creating this video, this is August 19th. So as you can see, that is $479,315.34 Profit. As you can see, withdraw of $21,000. So before you start thinking, okay, maybe this is this the demo account. Remember you cannot withdraw from Demo. You cannot withdraw from demo account.

Okay. So I’m going to go to the second account also, right now okay. So this is the second account as you can see. So I’m going to go to this calendar and I will click custom same January. Let’s do January 1st also. So January 1st 2021 to August – as you can see, that is $379,000. When you add $379,000 to $479,000 you will have over $800,000.

From this simple three-step strategy, I’m about to reveal to you. Let me ask you a question would you love to hangout with me where I will be revealing my . I won’t be able to finish my three star struck, just used to make over $800,000 within the last 8 months trading the forex market. Yes, over $800,000 just as you saw in the video. You know there is no way to withdraw from the demo account. because some of you will be thinking, oh, maybe that is demo. It is not demo.

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