In today’s video, we’ll be looking into, how to make money in forex trading fast. I mean fast. How to do that. How do you do that?

So as soon know that there are different ways to skin a rat, there are different ways you can learn forex.

As you know there are different ways to skin a rat, there are different ways you can learn forex and you know that how to make money in forex is first of all for you to know what you are doing.

And as “The Forex Apostle”, I organize different training, free training, a lesson like this on video, you can go online and watch different video tutorials from different people and of course, many people could get it right but I tell you what, over 99 percent that does that never actually get it. Why? Because you watch videos from different sources you watch videos from different YouTubers, or different coaches or different traders, so you don’t really have a specific strategy that you can use.

And of course, you also know that every professional in any field at all, as a coach, as a mentor, and that is why we do our coaching and mentoring program. We call it six months coaching but it’s not really six months because you could stay longer than that. But calling it six months does not really mean that okay you have to wait till six months before you start trading. It depends on you. I don’t know how hungry you are. I don’t know how disciplined you are, but if you can follow simple instructions within two to three months, you should start seeing some profit trading forex.

Now as I said you can watch free video lessons, I mean hopefully you get it, some will read books upon books, but I think, I mean, think about it for a second it’s like somebody really wants to learn how to swim and the person goes online to buy how to swim book. I mean you can’t master how to swim with that because you are just reading how to swim but you need to get to the river, you need to get to the pool in order to win and you cannot just get to the pool by yourself, you need somebody also that, that will be your coach, you need somebody that will guide you and that is forex.

Forex is a pool, forex is a jungle, forex is a river if you don’t know how to swim you can get drown. And that is why over 97% of forex traders or forex traders wanna be losing money. Why, because people try to just know how to do it their own way. People try to just try it out their own way so this is all about how to make money in forex trading fast.

And I’m going to be, you know telling you about my story, possibly you know my story but in case you are watching this video for the first time I got introduced to forex in 2006 and I was excited. I was so excited about it I was working in a Bank then, back home in Nigeria.

I quickly wired all my savings to FXChoice, if you are watching this video and you are looking for very good and reliable forex broker, I believe FXChoice should be that particular broker, so there will be a link below this video, check them out. Right now they are not accepting U.S residents but if you are a non-us resident, FXChoice is, I mean it’s on top of my list. I have as you saw about eight different brokers but fx choices are still my top, I mean my highly recommended broker. Click here to check out FXChoice if you are looking to open a Forex account.

So I wired the money to them, back then, there was no faster way, no bitcoin anyway. And I mean I didn’t know what I was doing. I just placed a trade but before you know it, that first account I burnt it. I thought ok, maybe something must be wrong, I didn’t get the strategy right or the broker must be behind it. I borrowed money again, I fund another account, I burnt it. I burnt the third account, the fourth account, the first, and the sixth. So I burnt six accounts within 6 months.

Okay, 2006. That was when it dawned on me that okay I need to get it right.

I mean initially, I paid, I attended the seminar about 3 to 4 hours seminar. Right then I paid everything for that particular seminar but then what you get in 3 to 5 hours seminar is not enough for you to succeed in forex. Forex is continuous learning. I know it looks somehow, and I know it sounds somehow, okay, how do I make money in forex fast, yes how to make money in forex fast is for you to actually do what I did after I burnt six accounts.

What I did then was that I hired myself a private coach, a coach, and a mentor, that went through it with me, crash program for two intensive weeks then and after that two weeks, I’m telling you the story never remain the same. That was the best business decision I ever made when it comes to forex trading.

So how do you make money fast in forex? Number one is to invest in yourself. for instant, at the forex apostle mentoring program we do a lot of free coaching program, we also, you know have this six months coaching mentoring program whereby once you sign up you get access to the members’ area you go through a module once per week. Okay. You have lessons scheduled as you can see for 26 weeks. That’s why we call it six months coaching and mentoring program.

So after the first week, you wait for another seven days for the week 2 lesson to open and at the end of each week, there will be assignments, and of course, I meet with my students once a week for Q & A session.

You join our private WhatsApp group and then you are able to relate with other students and you can ask me questions anytime. But then that will take you longer, you are looking into six months down the road. If you follow through with the weekly lessons as scheduled. But then some of you may be okay you just say you know what I want to get this fast. I didn’t really have all this time, some people take maybe like one month vacation or for your annual leave from work and you really want to use that period to learn forex so the best option I would recommend is the one-on-one coaching and mentoring program.

Yes, it’s more expensive but then what are you able to do within this one-week intensive program, you come to Dallas, we meet 2 hours every day, that is 10 hours.

Within that five days, we are able to look into your personality, into your lifestyle, I will come up with a plan for you, not generalize plan but a customized trading plan for you that will work for you and that is what we do. You sit by my side, we and let’s assume you are an international student, and possibly you cannot fly, of course, you don’t have to fly down to Dallas, or to us, we can also meet virtually two hours every day for five days and then that’s a really fast track that jump-start your success. Click here now to book your free strategy call with me.

I know you bypass so many learning curves. We look into all these strategies and they are looking to okay, what do you, what do you do for a living and will I be able to come up with a plan that will work solely customized plan for you, I mean that is the best to learn. That is the best way to trade forex and just in case you are watching this video and you are considering okay so how do I qualify?

Number one I don’t take many students for that in a month. I only take one candidate for my immersion program, the one-on-one immersion program in a month because of my busy schedule so there will be a link below this video all you have to do is click on that link. It’s going to take you to where you schedule a time to speak with me. Two of us will meet like this on zoon and I would like to get to know you and see if it works for you so once you schedule your time I blocked out that one week on my calendar and it’s just you and I. You know, and that is how to do it. That is how to take it from what you are doing right now to the next level and begin to kill it in forex.

If you are ready to jump-start your Forex trading success, then click here now to book your free strategy call with me.