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Who Am I and Why Must You Pay Close Attention to Everything I’ve Got to Share with You On This Page?

My name is Emmanuel Adegbola. Popularly known as “The Forex Apostle”.

Because I’m a minister of the gospel by calling and Forex Trader and Coach by Choice…

I won’t bore you with my grass to grace story, but permit to inform you here that I’ve really paid the price to the Forex Bears and Bulls.
I have been trading Forex market since 2006, but, hey don’t get it twisted…. I didn’t start off as a Forex Expert or Celebrity… In fact, the first 6 months was a struggle, I almost lost my Pants simply because I was trying to make a living trading Forex. I was trying to use short-cut, less I forgot that there’s no short-cut through life. I paid the Price…. I lost over $30,000 within my first 6 months as a “Forex Trader WannaBe”

Well, I didn’t say that for you to feel sorry for me.. It’s just the price I had to pay in order for you not to pay the same.

I took a bold decision in January 2007, I hired a coach who gave me his full one week in his house, It wasn’t cheap at all, but it was a decision I had to take If I wanted to make a living outsmarting the Bulls and the Bears in the Forex jungle.

I quickly realized the nasty mistakes I was making and how to ethically and legally siphon money from the Forex Market. I also realized that if you are not part of the group that I call “Forex Illuminati” you will just be throwing away your hard earned cash always… Yes, because there’s a secret they know that over 97% of Forex Traders and Forex Trader WannaBe don’t know.

That’s why I’m so happy for you that you are watching this video right now at this hour of the day.

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