If you are sick and tired of losing money to Forex Bears and Bulls then this content is for you because I pulled off the curtain and expose my six proven steps anyone could copy and follow to start profiting from the Forex market. Turn up the volume of your device and watch the video below.

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  • There are six stages for every trade you take.
  • If your desire is to;
  • Trade around YOUR goals
  • Trade around YOUR plan
  • Trade around YOUR comfort level
  • Get back your time and your life
  • Take ownership of your finance
  • Help your friends and family members
  • Then this post is for you.

So, without any delay let’s get started.

The first stage is the analysis stage.

This is when you take a look at the charts and decide whether there’s a trade potential. That is, whether a trade should be taken or not.

The second stage is the planning stage.

This is when you decide if you are going to take a trade and also develop a trading plan for that trade you are about to take.
This is when you decide on your entry price, stop loss and also the take profit, which time frame to use, how many percentage of
your account you are willing to risk and so on.

The third stage of every stage is the entry.

Yes! The entry. You might do all the analysis but you still have to pull the trigger.
If you have all the plans and you don’t click to buy or to sell then there’s no trade and no money would be made.
This stage is where you begin your journey on the trade.

This is the stage where you also decide whether your order would be market execution or pending order.

The fourth stage is the management of the trade.

This is where you manage the trade. This is where you decide to trail your profit, move your stop loss to a new price and so on.
This is also where your emotions come to play. Greed or fear.
This is where you decide whether to close the trade prematurely or let the trade runs, this is where your Blood pressure could be elevated due to excitement or fear.

The fifth stage is the most important out of all and that’s exit.

This is where you make money in Forex trading. You enter a trade at a perfect time, managed the trades but you also need to know the right time to exit your trade. Apart from the Take Profit Target which you must have set in your planning, there are times you might have to exit the trade prematurely due to some certain situations, most especially economic factors.

You make money in Forex trading when you exit your trade and book your profit.

The sixth and the final stage is learning stage.

This is where you examine your trade from the beginning to end and grade yourself. This may be automated or manual.
This is where you fill out your trading journal.

Each stage has an important goal which we shall look into briefly;

  • In the first stage the goal is to determine if the risk worth the reward.
  • In the second stage the goal is to create a trading plan that you would stick with during the trading duration.
  • In the third stage the goal is to enter your trade at a very perfect timing. This is a point at which all the odds are in your favor.
  • In the fourth stage the goal is to have an open mind to learn from the market information available on the chart.
  • In the fifth stage the main purpose here is to make money.
  • In the sixth stage the purpose is to learn from all the 5 stages above.

I want to believe that you would begin to profit with your Forex trading if you could follow the six proven steps discussed above.

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