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okay, awesome. Do that right now. So today we’re gonna be talking about what is forex. Forex, actually come from the word Foreign exchange. It is an acronym for foreign exchange. You know, yesterday I talked about your Forex trading and your faith.

It happens between me and someone few weeks ago and of course she was telling me, Oh, our faith doesn’t support forex. So I talk about that yesterday. You access the video through this link. So today, let’s talk about forex. If you have been involved in foreign exchange, maybe like your deposit your money into the bank. As I said yesterday, you’ve involved in forex.

If you have, borrow money or take loan somewhere, you have been involved in Forex. So foreign exchange, that is what make this universal, this planet earth – That’s what makes it to exist. You know, United state dealing with China, China dealing with Europe, Europe dealing with India, so on and so forth.

That is falling that chain because we, there’s no way we can transect, okay For example, if you are watching this video now on UAE, you are in Nigeria and you are coming to United States, what you have to do is take your naira, you go to possibly Saba or building the change or bank or you change your Naira for dollar.

So basically what you have done is you are selling Naira to buy dollars, okay So exactly the same thing we do in Forex. So when we’re talking about forex, forex is, does all about double what you don’t do this offline.

So what to do is just say your computer using your cell phone, using your tablet. So for exploding now is the act of buying on selling quarter and say, okay, the art of buying or selling currency at the same time simultaneously as you are buying, somebody is selling some way. If you are selling, somebody is buying somewhere and that is exactly how it is.

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