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Hello my friend. This is Emmanuel Adegbola A.K.A Forex Apostle. Coming to you from Crypto Forex Institute. I’m the creator and founder of Tradermatic trading system. And of course in this Tradermatic review content, I’m going to be showing you, understanding the properties of TraderMatic trading system.

So what I’m going to be doing on this video is to show you what is this system made up of. So as you can see, it’s color coded and the just very easy to trade.

Above image is with Stochastic technical indicator and you can also have it with my proprietary customized MACD, I call it MACD Pro like what you see below.

It works with any commodity either stocks, Indices, futures and precious metals, current. It doesn’t matter and it works with any time frame. As you can see, there is an alert, pop up a lot, email alert, push notification and so on and so forth, so the system is very easy.

All you need to do is make sure you match color. Tradermatic trading system is composed of this trend line is a customized alarm all moving average. Okay. You can read about that if you don’t know much about it. But, you don’t need to know how the engine of a motor car works before you drive. So my job on this video is just to show you what and what you need to understand. Okay So you have this signal arrow once you have the Blue Arrow, depends on your color that you set. once this line completes, you are going long if it is blue, if it is a red arrow once this Heiken Ashi candle completes, you are going short and it’s as simple as that. So I’m going to be showing you how to take your trade, the long trade short trade in another set of videos.

But right now for you to be able to work with this, we going to be showing you the chart. So just click on the this Arrow, you see tradermatic properties, okay This is Tradermatic properties. Once you click on that, go to the inputs and this is where you you do all the settings, okay, this where you do all the settings, you know the period, I’ve tested 50, 100, 24, 34, 20. So what have been using for the past one year with this system is 20 and it works fine. So you can set your bullish box color, the bearish color, you set everything here, the pop up, the email alert. you can set it up here, set it to true. Okay. And the push notification, push it to true and the sound alert, Push it to true.

So once you have that setup then the colors also you set the colors based on your taste. I love Blue, red and that is why you see it the way it is. So the reason why we have this alert is let’s say you are not on your desk and there is a trade opportunity all you just have to do is you can receive notification on your cell phone, you can get notification on your email. And of course you can hear the sound any where you are within some radius to your computer. So you can see this signal right now. Once this, Heiken Ashi candle completes, once it closes, we gonna be going short. I will be explaining how in the next video now another indicator that we have within this trading system is this customized MACDPRO

I call it MACDPRO. Its my customized settings and of course, if you did not purchase this system, you will not get access to the settings because it will not be fair to those that actually have the settings, those that bought it. So once you have your license key am gonna be giving you my own settings that I have used with this and is working for me. Okay So once you have all those setup, on these properties, if you push your email alert to be true, then it means that you have to go to tools, you have to go to options and you have to set your email server here.

Okay You click enable then of course my email server because I’m using gmail, So I just put Then my SMTP Login is my email address. Okay. Then I put my password, then FROM I just put which email address is it coming from and TO the email address. Then click on test. This is very easy to do. Also out to set email alert for your MT4. So once you do that, click on okay. And that is, it is as simple as that. Okay. So in the next video, I’m going to be showing you how to go into your trading, understanding, the Tradermatic properties. That’s just what we’ve done right there. And of course, understanding what this is made up of, that is what we have covered. So in the next video, I’m gonna be showing you how to trade with TraderMatic. Thank you so much for your time and I will see in the next video.

If you are just getting started in Forex trading or you are a Pro, TraderMatic would make your trading career easier and make you more money. Tradermatic can be used to trade Forex, Cryptocurrencies, Stocks, Futures, Precious Metal or any commodity on MT4 platform.

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Emmanuel Adegbola
A.K.A. “Forex Apostle”

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